Photo of Sarah Richards, a contemporary Aboriginal artist standing in front of one of her artworks

Meet the Maker: Marrawuy Journeys

Marrawuy Journeys creates contemporary Aboriginal art in the form of paintings, prints, cards, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, and digital products. The owner, Sarah Richards, is a proud Ngiyampaa woman born on Gadigal land and has been living on Ngunnawal and Ngambri country since 2012. In 2015 Sarah was awarded ACT NAIDOC Artist of the year, and … Read more

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Picture of Sarah Munnings wearing a multicoloured shirt standing in front of a white brick wall

Meet the Maker: Sarah Munnings Jewellery

If you’re looking for sustainable and ethical jewellery in Australia, then look no further than Sarah Munnings Jewellery. Sarah hand-makes each piece with recycled materials that are inspired by her customers. She believes everyone has a story to tell and that jewellery can be a powerful way to express oneself. Her jewellery is designed to … Read more

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Bathurst Grange Distillery Rose Garden Gin

Meet the Maker: Bathurst Grange Distillery

Established in 2014, Bathurst Grange Distillery is a family-owned and operated business located on The Grange heritage estate near Bathurst, NSW. As an award-winning craft distillery and cellar door, they’ve been producing small-batch handmade gin and whisky since 2019. With a “paddock-to-bottle” ethos, they grow many of their ingredients such as barley, junipers, and gin … Read more

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Photo of Fiona from Ashculme Textiles hanging up one of her items on a coat hanger

Meet the Maker: Ashculme Textiles

Step into the world of Ashculme Textiles, where the bond between a mother and daughter fuels their love of sustainable and ethical fashion made from alpaca wool. This duo weave creativity, love, and respect for nature into each handmade piece they make. From cosy cowls and scarves to elegant ponchos and wraps, their collection fuses … Read more

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Headshot of Jewellery Designer Debra Fallowfield

Meet the Maker: Debra Fallowfield

Like many small businesses seem to start, Debra Fallowfield from Fallowfield Jewellery began creating jewellery as a hobby. It was only after moving back to New Zealand as a 32-year-old pregnant, single parent that she kicked off her career as a jeweller – and after nearly 23 years, she’s never looked back. She now works … Read more

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Photo of Cheyenne from the Little Flame Co holding a jar full of candle wax

Meet the Maker: The Little Flame Co

On the surface, The Little Flame Co is a handmade candle and fragrance business that creates coconut soy candles and home fragrance products that fit into any space, with an abundance of fragrances for any mood. But go a little deeper and you’ll find that The Little Flame Co is for home-lovers of all shapes … Read more

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The Canberra Distillery Gin

Meet the Maker: The Canberra Distillery

The story of The Canberra Distillery is a tale of years of dedication and continual iteration to perfect a craft.  Tim, the founder of The Canberra Distillery, began distilling as a hobby and tweaked his distilling process over the years through a lot of trial and error. Once he was happy with the results he … Read more

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Nicola Bannerman handmade jewellery canberra

Meet The Maker: Nicola Bannerman

If you were looking for one word that encapsulates the exquisite work of Nicola Bannerman, it would be ‘timeless’.  Her handmade jewellery designs are original and elegant with a contemporary twist. Both her attention to detail and the quality of her work ensure that each piece she makes will last for years to come.  The … Read more

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Sitting Pretty Designs - handmade Bag on Hook

Meet the Maker : Sitting Pretty Designs

Sitting Pretty Designs is an accessory label owned & operated by Melbourne based designer Lesley Curnow. Each piece is crafted by hand, with an emphasis on quality, a unique combination of leather & locally designed textiles, and a little quirkiness! Lesley hand picks every leather hide and textile, the majority of which are made by Australian designers. She works … Read more

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Aya O'Connell wooden Jewellery

Meet the Maker: Aya O’Connell Wooden Designs

Aya O’Connell‘s love of wood lead her to want to showcase it’s warmth and authenticity by producing hand-crafted jewellery. Using ethically sourced Australian wood in her designs, Aya loves to show off the hidden beauty she believes wood holds. The Earrings and Pendants Aya crafts feature Australian botanical designs such as gum leaves, nuts and … Read more

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