Meet the Maker: Sarah Munnings Jewellery

If you’re looking for sustainable and ethical jewellery in Australia, then look no further than Sarah Munnings Jewellery. Sarah hand-makes each piece with recycled materials that are inspired by her customers. She believes everyone has a story to tell and that jewellery can be a powerful way to express oneself. Her jewellery is designed to be both beautiful and meaningful, and she hopes that each piece will help its wearer feel confident and unique. Whether you’re looking for something elegant or quirky, Sarah Munnings Jewellery has a piece that will tell your story while also reflecting your personality and style.

The Evolution of Sarah Munnings Jewellery

Sarah Munnings started making jewellery as a hobby after a chronic illness left her unable to get out of bed for months. She found that making jewellery was a therapeutic way to pass the time, and she soon began to sell her pieces at local markets. After realising she could teach workshops without any formal qualifications, she started teaching others how to create jewellery — and this is where she found her true passion.

Sarah’s business is constantly evolving. She’s always coming up with new ideas but has learned to appreciate that not every new idea needs to happen right away. Sarah is proud of the business she has created — and she’s come a long way from one of her first ever markets where she took a grand total of $17.50! She has continued to hone her practical and small business skills so she can flexibly run her small business while accommodating the needs of her neurodivergent family.

Sarah’s favourite part of her jewellery business

Sarah Munnings loves the flexibility of her business. She takes a much-needed break for all of January to spend time with her family at the beach and in nature. It’s also a great way to manage her Fibromyalgia — June is a difficult month for her, so she organises July to make sure she’s working locally or focusing on home-based projects. She also enjoys working in different places, which drives her creativity. She has recently started working alongside other studio artists in the Dandenong Ranges. She says the artists and the views constantly ignite her creativity. Whether it’s gazing at the tall trees or seeing the smoke billowing from Puffing Billy, these magical experiences fuel her creative fire.

Picture of Sarah Munnings wearing a multicoloured shirt standing in front of a white brick wall
Sarah Munnings at the Handmade market talking to two women
A pair of earrings that are circular and green on silver hooks
Sarah Munnings' jewellery up close at a market

Sarah’s business tips

Sarah believes the best way to succeed is to understand your customer and what they want. She recommends getting feedback on your products to improve your offerings and the way you communicate with your customers. For someone starting out, she suggests finding your tribe of creatives by connecting with neighbouring stallholders at markets and with people in the same industry. This makes it easy to bounce ideas off each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

What to expect from Sarah Munnings Jewellery at our Markets

Sarah loves the Handmade Market because it’s a warm and nurturing environment where she can share her love of jewellery making. Her favourite time at the market is the Low Sensory Shopping Hour as she feels that’s when her people come out – in a safe and supportive environment. Sarah’s new jewellery range, Tranquil Ocean, is inspired by trips to the beach, gazing into rock pools, and the ocean’s deep colours. The pieces are made with layered enamel that are torch-fired onto copper, which is a fun and organic process that creates unique and beautiful pieces. No two pairs are exactly the same as Sarah layers colours over each other until she’s happy with the effect.

In 2024, she’ll be launching some new classes to teach others about torch-fired enamelling and wire weaving for found objects. Sarah is passionate about creating a space where everyone feels comfortable and inspired to create, so she’s also looking to share her tools and equipment in a monthly open studio. This will help emerging artists learn techniques and come up with ideas through working alongside other jewellery makers.

Check out her website for her full jewellery range, and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop about her new classes.