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    Being an Australian made, handmade market is what sets us apart from others.

    We aim to support Australian small business who make their product here in Australia, and give them a platform to promote themselves and sell to a consistently large audience without the need for a shopfront.

    Handmade is active online with a large following and we invite our designers and producers to do the same.




It is a condition of applying to The Handmade Market that you read ALL of the terms and conditions written here and put them into practice if accepted to the market. Please note that priority is given to stallholders that attend the market themselves to trade, and also to those that are not at every event and in multiple retail outlets in Canberra.

Products / Applications
The Handmade market is certified to carry the iconic Australian Made logo in support of our stall holders selling goods that are only made in Australia. To apply to trade at our market you must comply with the following criteria:  All products offered for sale must be made in Australia.
  1. If you design 100% of your products but have them made for you in Australia, then please explain the process in your registration application.
  2. Your finished product can include components from outside Australia. You must be designing the pieces and constructing the finished item in Australia.
  3. We do not accept Fair trade items for sale.
  4. If you are found selling imported items that aren’t made in Australia you will be asked to remove those items for sale and you won’t be invited back to trade at our market.
  5. Only products listed and approved by management on your current application may be sold. If you wish to add new items to your stall, a request in writing, with photos, must be approved by the Handmade Team, 2-3 weeks before the market. This list is kept on file and will be used for spot checks.
  6. It is the responsibility of the stall holder to ensure they conform to any Australian standards; ACCC – pertaining to their product. Handmade will not be held accountable for any trademark, copyright or safety infringements.
  7. The stallholder must have read and understand the mandatory safety standards applicable to their products and labelling. You can check this at
  8. There is a one off $35 admin fee for all new applications within a 12 month period once approved, this covers the cost of setting you up as a new fancy pants designer with us.
  9. Please note that once payment is made and your space is confirmed, there are no refunds if you cancel. There are no transfers or rollover of credit for the next market date. Written notification of non-attendance of an allocated market is required. Please contact us ASAP if for some reason you cannot attend. Please do not say you want to attend a market if you cannot afford to pay your invoice.
  10. Your details will be removed from our system if you have received approval to sell, but not applied for a market within 12 months. Once your profile has been removed, you will need to put in a new registration in order to sell at the market.
  11. Handmade has the right to withdraw an offer to trade at any time. Handmade does not accept any responsibility for costs incurred.
  12. Handmade has the right to reject any stall holder whom they believe does not comply with our terms and conditions.

Stalls / Safety

  1. You cannot share stalls or sell another person’s items.
  2. Stalls cannot be transferred, sublet, franchised or sold to any other person. You do not own a space at Handmade.
  3. Handmade accepts no responsibility for damages to persons or goods, but we will be sympathetic and may provide a band aid if needed.
  4. Attendance on all trading days is mandatory.
  5. Stallholders using gas or electrical appliances must have a suitable fire extinguisher or fire blanket on site. Electrical leads must be tagged by a qualified tester every 3 months. This is your responsibility to maintain and will be monitored.

Food & Drink Stalls

  1. It is the responsibility of the stall holder to trade in accordance with the Market, State and Local Shire regulations. Food stallholders must be registered with the market’s local council. It is your responsibility, not Handmade’s, that you are registered.
  2. It is also your responsibility to comply with health and hygiene guidelines outlined by ACT Health.
  3. If you are selling food, you have a personal requirement to meet any health and safety regulations.
  4. Please note that cans of soft drink may not be sold from food stalls.


  1. All stallholders must present their stalls in a professional, stylish and clean manner. Bespoke stalls are the most effective way of displaying products. If you have trestle tables, they are to be completely covered by a table cover, crease free, and any boxes/packaging/suitcases etc. must be hidden from view and not impose on neighbouring stallholders’ displays or space.
  2. The minimum standard on your stall is a large amount of stock, a banner or signage, business cards and a smile. Your branding must be on display so that shoppers can identify you.
  3. Stallholders must confine their displays to their allocated space. Signs and displays must be within this area. Please keep pathways clear for patrons.
Market Attendance / Behaviour 
  1. Loud product promotion by stallholders is not permitted but dancing and interpretive dance is!
  2. Any stallholder found confronting another stallholder or customer in an aggressive manor for any reason will not be invited back. We do not tolerate this type of behaviour at Handmade.
  3. Copying the ideas and work of other stallholders may be in breach of creative copyright and is not in the spirit of the market. Any grievances must be in writing to Handmade – please do not confront another designer yourself – this is why we get paid the big bucks.
  4. We open at 9am on Saturday for VIP subscribers (advertised as 10am to the general public) & 10am on Sunday, please be at your stall at least 15 min prior to trading. At our Christmas market we trade from 5-9pm on Friday night.
  5. No early pack up is ever permitted – there are no prizes for the first person packed up on Sunday, our shopping hours are advertised to finish at 4pm.  NO cars are permitted on site before 4.15pm.
  6. Stallholders are responsible for leaving their site and surrounding area clean & tidy. Boxes & cartons must be removed from market area.
  7. Please do NOT use market bins for anything other than your coffee cup/ lunch rubbish. Industrial bins are located near the loading dock for packaging etc. We have significant numbers at the market and the bins are only just big enough for general rubbish. If you are found to be leaving other rubbish you will be sent an invoice & not be offered another spot at Handmade.

Market Promotion  

  1. You are required to provide Handmade with at least one & up to 5 product shots that represents your brand. Any images you provide may be used by Handmade in promotional material.
  2. If you wish use Handmade images of your product on social media, you may do so with a credit to Handmade Canberra. If you wish to use them to promote your brand independently of the market, you will need to receive relevant permissions.
  3. Handmade is committed to promoting you on social media and has a significant following. Adding a tag or link from your website/social media is not only smart and good for your sales, it is also a condition of entry to being a stallholder. Graphics and logos are provided in the stallholder resource area on the website. Please note just adding to Instagram ‘stories’ means we cannot track this and will not count as being part of your commitment to promote the market.
  4. Raffle tickets may not be sold unless pre-approved by Handmade. Only approved flyers may be displayed on stalls. Please ask though as cross promotion can be a beautiful thing!
  5. Occasionally we may ask you to have our promotional material on your stall.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom, that makes you super awesome in our books. We realise there is a lot of information here but most of it is just common sense, bring a little of that and you will be sweet!



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