Meet the Maker: Debra Fallowfield

Debra from Fallowfield Jewellery

Like many small businesses seem to start, Debra Fallowfield from Fallowfield Jewellery began creating jewellery as a hobby. It was only after moving back to New Zealand as a 32-year-old pregnant, single parent that she kicked off her career as a jeweller – and after nearly 23 years, she’s never looked back. She now works from her home studio and showroom in the Noosa Hinterland alongside her husband Dean Brewster, a former builder who now sets all the gems into her pieces.

As a designer who isn’t classically trained in art but rather attended night courses to help hone her craft, Debra describes herself as a rule breaker who resists conventions. She often pushes the boundaries with her designs and questions traditional jewellery-making methods. This has led her to create handcrafted jewellery pieces that are one of a kind. She is fascinated by textures, erosion, and rock formations, which come into play within her creations.

Fallowfield Jewellery prides itself in creating unique designs that you won’t find in high-end stores or fine art galleries. These classic yet quirky statement pieces are inspired by the shapes, forms, and patterns found in nature. To add warmth to her designs, Debra not only enjoys using champagne and cognac diamonds, but she also loves using Australian sapphires in a range of different shades too. Debra creates and designs all of the pieces at Fallowfield Jewellery herself, so she knows what’s going on – if you have any questions about her designs, she’s more than happy to explain everything in easy-to-understand language for you – no jewellery jargon here!

The Fallowfield Jewellery range boasts a myriad of statement pieces you’ll love – and you won’t find similar designs available in mainstream jewellery stores. From rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets, Debra Fallowfield creates them all. Although most of Debra’s rings are created for soon-to-be brides, she also has a range of men’s rings, and she is able to create custom pieces to suit a variety of different occasions too. As she only uses precious metals to make her jewellery, you can expect incredibly solid and impeccably handcrafted jewellery pieces, including ones crafted with rare gems from time to time.

A woman holding a wedding bouquite of flowers wearing a stack of Debra Fallowfield wedding rings
photo of six emerald rings from Fallowfield Jewellery
Stack of rings being made from Fallowfield Jewellery

Debra absolutely loves working in her small business. She says the best part is being her own boss and working with her husband. And the worst part?… working with her husband! On the days when she’s feeling a bit worn out and needs a pick-me-up, she thinks of the pure joy her clients around the world have when they lay eyes on their jewellery for the first time. When she first started out, she took on every client she could get. Over the years, however, she’s worked hard to cultivate her own design aesthetic and is now lucky enough to be selective with who she takes on as clients. 

For those of you who are just starting out, whether in business or in a new creative venture, Debra’s advice is to travel, get lost (on purpose), be prepared to work hard, and stop scrolling social media for inspiration. In the same vein, her best business advice is to find your own voice – be a leader, not a follower. And Debra sure has followed that advice to create her own style that pushes the boundaries between contemporary and fine jewellery.

Having not visited Canberra since 1987, she’s excited to showcase a selection of her designs at our April market (Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April 2023). Her signature pieces include distinctive engagement rings and bold, heavyweight wedding and commitment bands in gold, which are often set with diamonds and rainbow-hued sapphires. You can see Debra’s full range of one-of-a-kind jewellery on the Fallowfield Jewellery website. And don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to get your daily fix of impeccably crafted jewellery in your feeds.