Meet the Maker: Aya O’Connell Wooden Designs

Aya O’Connells love of wood lead her to want to showcase it’s warmth and authenticity by producing hand-crafted jewellery. Using ethically sourced Australian wood in her designs, Aya loves to show off the hidden beauty she believes wood holds.

The Earrings and Pendants Aya crafts feature Australian botanical designs such as gum leaves, nuts and flowers. Aya loves to reflect the beauty of Australian nature as wearable art.

We sat down with Aya to ask her some questions about her business.

When did you start your business and why?

I started my jewellery business in 2017 after discovering how to connect my love of wood with creativity. Wood is one of the most sustainable and beautiful natural materials we have at our disposal. I believe it should be celebrated. More importantly, I wanted to be as close to it as I could. Combining my passion and my artistry in transforming wood into beautiful jewellery seemed like the logical next step, so ‘Aya O’Connell Wooden Designs’ was born.

What do you love about coming to Canberra and the Handmade Market?

I have met so many Canberrans who appreciate the nature that we have around us.  Sharing conversations with customers who have a mutual love and appreciation for nature, is an absolute joy.

What drives your creativity or passion?

Wood has so much charm in it. Compressing the beauty of wood in small portions is a challenge. It’s definitely worthwhile though as it feels wonderful to capture wood’s beauty and then showcase it in a pair of earrings. Knowing that will also enhance the beauty of the person wearing them.

Aya O'Connell wooden jewellery Earrings

What can Handmade shoppers expect to find at your stall?

Definitely, something you will not find anywhere else.  My ‘Drop design’ for example, showcases the beauty of the wood grain cradled in resin. It is the only pair in the world. Made “free hand” – crafted, sanded and finished with my bare hands. Every piece is unique and handcrafted with my love.

Aya O'Connell wooden Jewellery
Aya OConnell Earrings
Aya O'Connell Meet the Maker

You can see Aya’s full product lineup of wooden designs on her website – Aya O’Connell Wooden Designs, and follow her creative journey on Facebook or Instagram.