12 Unique Australian gifts you’ll find at the Handmade Market

If the thought of buying gifts leaves you overwhelmed and wondering what you are going to buy for your loved ones, don’t worry, we have you sorted! Our upcoming Canberra Markets are always bursting at the seams with over 260 designers and producers showcasing unique Australian Gift ideas. Your biggest problem will be stopping at buying just one gift!

From meticulously stitched leather goods and clothing to upcycled homewares, each Handmade piece allows a glimpse into the rich tapestry of both skills and passions that make Australia so exceptional.

Below are just some of the Handmade makers crafting unique Australian gifts that attended our Canberra market on the 8-10 December 2023. For a full listing of all makers that form the Handmade Community, be sure to browse our Australian Made Directory.

Balls for Your Mind Infinity Balls
Balls for your Mind is a unique brand making high quality juggling products. The designers, creators and makers are Fiona, Michael and, son Kody Stone. They started their business knowing there was more to juggling then just having fun. Juggling is a perfect way to simultaneously engage the mind and body. Juggling also assists with concentration building, physical co ordination and enables a type of moving meditation, perfect for these times that we are living in.
Gail Clayton Designs Wooden Spoons
Gail Clayton Design hand crafts wooden spoons, small bowls, miniature vases, serving boards & other pieces for the home. All created out of recycled timbers obtained from family, friends & other sources. Each piece is individually crafted by Gail in the family shed at Lake Conjola. She is passionate about what she creates and loves the story behind each piece. Perfect for a gift or for yourself, her ‘one-off’ pieces will find a special place in the home.
Albatross Ceramic Handmade Vase
Albatross Ceramic is a Sydney based small ceramic studio, started by Yang Qiu. Yang explores surfaces and shapes of food in painting and ceramic. Yang works with mould making and slip casting techniques that transforms vegetables (e.g. corn, eggplant, and pumpkin) and fruits (avocado, rockmelon, and mandarin) to functional ceramic tableware. Yang is always looking for something special from the norm.
An Artomobile gift is for anyone who drives, fallen in love with or simply loves the look of cars – not just car enthusiasts but those who appreciate the aesthetic of the automobile. You can even have your car turned into a piece of art. Now that is a unique Christmas gift!
C and W Bonsais
C and W Bonsai are a Regional NSW based business from Goulburn, specialising in Bonsai Starter plants. Bonsai Starters are an inexpensive way people can enjoy the bonsai hobby by beginning with a small plant, then shaping and nurturing it in future years. This experience will help them decide if they enjoy the Bonsai hobby. All plants are grown in local conditions, beautifully landscaped and presented in either ceramic or clay pots made by hand
The Triffid Tonic Company Four Pack Gift Box
The Triffid Tonic Company make small batch handcrafted aromatic tonic water. Their bitter orange tonic water is the original recipe for tonic water. They make tonic water with about half the sugar of commercial brands, and make their tonic as a syrup, the way is was made in colonial days. This means that it’s to your taste, but also means it’s made up at the time rather than going flat in the fridge.
Luke Abbot Designs Kinetic Sculpture Jewellery
Nature is Luke Abbot Designs‘ true inspiration and in his work, just as in nature, form follows function. This overused phrase implies that his work is utilitarian first. It can be worn practically, but many of the functions he chooses to explore are far from practical. The challenge of reconciling the needs of jewellery with the movement of nature often leads Luke to designs that can only be resolved through transformation. By combining C.A.D., laser and traditional jewellery making techniques, he creates tiny creatures that use the art of camouflage.
Darling Juniper Botanical Kit
Darling Juniper make 100% all natural drink infusions for adults. Home of the “boutique bottle infusion” their make your own bottles are the perfect gift for friends or for yourself; after all, who doesn’t deserve to treat themselves? Made using their very own blends of fruits, botanicals, flowers and spices, you simply add a base spirit, wine or cider to create a truly delicious adult drink. DJ’s gourmet Gin and Tonic Christmas puddings and MYO Christmas Gin are a must for this Christmas season! All infusions are both GF and Vegan friendly.
River Timber Designs Clock
Mona is the designer and maker behind River Timber Designs and creates one of a kind functional and wearable art. River Timber Designs create jewellery, homewares, home decor and artwork collections. Inspired by nature, each piece is hand crafted from salvaged Australian timbers and perfectly unique, no two pieces are the same. Each piece is designed to be timeless and the wood is hand selected by Mona for its quality and grain and then combined with high quality resins to hero the wood.
Honey Fox Hats - Gum Trees
Honey Fox Hats creates beautiful bespoke custom hats using age old hand shaping techniques. Each piece is carefully designed and handmade , perfectly reflecting the wearer. Using the highest quality materials available, a Honey Fox Hat will last for many years
Handmade Canberra Stallholder - Kattasche
Kattasche is a small leather atelier based on Dharawal Country, Bulli. Leathercrafts woman Katja Handt specializes in designing and making unique custom leather bags and accessories, combining heritage craft with minimalist design and vibrant colours inspired by the stunning Illawarra landscape. She creates with longevity in mind, using mindful and traditional leather craft techniques with just a simple palette of carefully selected hand tools showcasing the raw beauty of Australian leathers. Her approach is low energy and sustainable, without the wastage of seasonal fast fashion.
Skye Prudence Witchety Bush Paperbark Art
Skye Prudence is a self taught, watercolourist and paperbark artist from the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. With great restraint, she creates intricate freehand amalgamations of watercolour and black ink on both materials. Drawing from her knowledge and inspiration from her explorations and study through Australia, she reflects the delicate balance between Australian flora and fauna. In particular, Skye’s paperbark art works are an immersive unique practice, with the intention of reconnecting people to nature in its raw form. Skye’s expression is of peaceful simplicity, encapsulating soul and earth, The Art of Mother Nature on Nature.

Looking for more unique Australian Made gifts for your loved ones? You may find inspiration in our recent blog post featuring new designers that attended our Canberra Christmas market last year, or you can browse the next market lineup to see all designers and producers attending our event on 6-7 April 2024.