4 Easy Ways To Celebrate Australian Made Week

Together with the Australian Made Campaign (AMC) we will be celebrating ‘Australian Made Week’ 6-12th of June, by showcasing a number of our makers and designers across as many platforms as we can, to encourage the nation to recognise Australian makers and producers around the country and actively support their businesses.

Since the pandemic, there has been movement across Australia to buy more products locally. One of the challenges the pandemic brough about, was the disruption of our supply chains. Our domestic manufacturers saw a rise in demand for everyday items we could no longer access and they leapt into production. Gin distilleries converted their processes to manufacturing hand sanitiser while local fashion brands made personal protective equipment.

Faced with an increasingly digital-first lifestyle and in some cases, benefiting from more time and disposable incomes on our hands, Australian consumers started exploring alternative online suppliers and retailers in our own country. There was a shift in the way we shopped and consumers aspired to keep our money in Australia. Communities started looking for ways to support one another. Small businesses and Australian Made principles came into focus and their value was realised. Shopping locally became a desirable change to our way of life.

Handmade Canberra Stallholder

Here are 4 ways to keep that momentum going:

1. Support local makers by shopping at markets in your area.

Shopping locally and buying Australian made is also environmentally friendly. When goods are produced in smaller quantities and transported shorter distances, the overall impact on the environment is reduced. Most creative small businesses have sustainable practices due to the scale of their business and production output.

2. Shop with local businesses that stock handmade items and if they don’t, ask them to.

Imagine the economic impact we could make if we all purchased Australian made goods and produce. Imagine the environmental impact we could make in a lifetime if we prioritised buying Australian made. We could encourage conscious consumption amongst our families and communities.

3. Shop with Australian small businesses stocking genuine Australian Made products.

Search hundreds of products online which are Australian Made and/or Australian Grown. Products branded with the Australian Made logo give consumers confidence that they are purchasing certified ‘genuinely Australian’ goods. Choose the certified produce at the supermarket or shop at your local farmers market.

4. Share your favourite small business online via social media.

Small businesses are important contributors to the Australian economy and worth supporting. Exposure on social media can be a simple yet effective marketing tool for a small business. Increased exposure for a brand can assist in growing their customer base. Social media platform Instagram has created digital ‘support small business stickers’ to enable brands to be tagged and discovered.

As life continues to be disrupted with worldwide events, we can make intentional changes to the things we can control. One could argue lifestyle choices have been forced upon us by the current state of affairs. However, maybe we can re-evaluate shopping sustainably, shopping locally, and shopping Australian made.

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