Sweet Decadent Desserts

Prepare yourself for an irresistible adventure that captures the very essence of Canberra’s sweet creations through a celebration of taste, art, and sheer talent. Explore a vibrant world where Canberra’s artisan makers transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary delights, crafting desserts that echo their profound love for inventive flavor combinations and their unwavering dedication to the intricate art of food. With skilled hands and creative minds, these makers fashion treats that are more than mere indulgences – they are edible masterpieces, enticing both the palate and the eye.

From meticulously adorned vegan cakes to pastries that melt in your mouth, our Canberra dessert artisans infuse each creation with a touch of artistic brilliance. Every bite becomes a journey through a harmonious blend of sweetness and local flavors, leaving a lingering impression long after the last crumb vanishes. Join us below as we delve into Canberra’s world of handmade desserts, where each confection is a tribute to the thriving culinary artistry of our beloved city.

Sweet Ama'lia Greek Treats and Desserts
Sweet Ama’lia creates Greek sweets you can take home for an indulgent treat. Handmade locally in Canberra, Sweet Ama’lia uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to make authentic treats for you and your loved ones.
Blondiez and Browniez Caramel Pretzel
Blondiez and Browniez are a locally owned business that provide Canberra and surrounds with delicious and unique products.
Putting a twist on the traditional blondie and brownie, they are filled and topped with delicious flavours that will have you coming back for more!!
Hungary Bytes Chimney Cake
Hungary Bytes specialises in Central-European street foods mainly of Hungarian origin. They bake the famous chimney cake on premises in different flavours that is vegan, and also prepare Belgian chocolate and French vanilla custard cream rolls and different savoury rolls from the freshly baked cakes.
Mim's Vegan Treats Vanilla Sponge Cupcakes
Mim’s Vegan Treats is a Canberra based small-business providing delicious plant based & allergen-friendly treats with no compromise on flavour or presentation. Their product range include cakes, cookies, tarts and other classic desserts, perfect for all occasions.
Cannoli Brothers Raspberry Cannoli
Cannoli Brothers manufacture cannoli by hand in their Fyshwick factory. All their pastries are made fresh using the best ingredients we can get. Their cream fillings use whole white milk, ricotta’s, mascarpone, fresh local eggs and the purest natural and full fruit flavourings available. They have Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free and Gluten Intolerant options available.
Pop Up Poffertjes Lemon Flavour
Pop Up Poffertjes are a scrumptious dutch sweet treat cooked fresh to order. Topped with a selection of homemade sauces, fruits with the option of a dollop of cream or ice cream. A Canberra family business established in 1995 supporting locally sourced products and the use of biodegradable packaging. Poffertjes are perfect to share or you may decide to keep the whole plate for yourself.
Stephanie's Donuts Assortment
Stephanie’s Donuts are an old fashioned yeast risen donut, which is mixed & then proved for 24 hours before cutting, frying & then filling with a variety of homemade jams & different flavoured creme patissiere. Flavours change weekly & Stephanie is always adding new and exciting flavours, taking a lot of inspiration from classic desserts over the ages (such as apple crumble, lemon meringue, brulee etc) and from her fillipino heritage (such as Pandan, ube etc)
Eat Cookies Fairy Biscuit
Indulge in Eat Cookies’ edible artistry! Their sugar cookies aren’t ordinary cookies; they’re crafted designs of cuteness overload that delight your senses. Hand-decorated with meticulous care, each cookie is a canvas of sugary-colour. Got a special someone? Want to impress? Eat Cookies aren’t just treats; they’re gifts wrapped in edible joy. Share with someone special, or savour them yourself for a moment of delicious bliss. And guess what? These cookies aren’t just eye candy. Nope they’re melt in your mouth deliciousness.
Dessert Quartets Vegan Croissants
Tess from Dessert Quartets has a mission to provide delicious plant based pastries, cake and treats. She specialises in viennoiserie and patisserie options and believes vegans deserve the best with no compromise on flavour or quality. You will find something for everyone among the selection of tarts, cakes, desserts, pastries and other sweet treats.

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