Why should you buy made in Australia?

The Handmade Market in Canberra is one of Australia’s largest indoor markets, and is the only market in Canberra that is certified with the Australian Made Campaign.  We are champions of supporting products that are Made in Australia, as well as the designers and producers behind those products. We think our Handmade community is amazing and that there is something truly special about owning an item that has been carefully created with love and care. We believe that the products our designers and producers create benefit the Australian community in so many ways.  Here are our top three reasons why we think buying products that are Made in Australia is so important.

3 Reasons why buying products Made in Australia is Important

Retrobub Children's Platypus Long Sleeved Shirt

Products that are Made in Australia are high quality

There is something that is truly special about handmade products.  Just ask Bronwyn Howell, owner of baby and children’s label Retrobub. One of the first designs she created as part of her clothing label was an adorable red poncho with a fox appliqued onto the front. Recently, a customer visited her at our market and shared the most heartwarming story. She had purchased the poncho for her youngest child years ago and now, almost a decade later, the beloved poncho has been handed down to five other children (and counting!) within the family, still in the same pristine condition as when it was first purchased.

That’s the magic of handmade. The passion, care and craftsmanship put into each piece ensures it will be loved by many for generations to come. Handmade pieces can become treasured items that hold sentimental value and connect people together through memories and stories.

While handmade items might come at a slightly higher cost, you are not only purchasing a product. You’re also investing in the maker’s skill and passion, and that too is of high quality. When you invest in these products and skillsets, you can be sure you’re purchasing a long-lasting, well made product that will be loved for years to come.

Handmade Canberra Market Stallholder, Woven by Society

Our Australian makers and designers are champions of sustainable practices

A quick browse of our Australian Made Directory and it won’t take you long to find designers and producers who use sustainable practices in their businesses (hot tip: typing the word ‘sustainable’ in the search bar within our Australian Made Directory will make it even easier to find them!)

Take Samantha Abbott’s amazing jewellery for example. She makes beautiful jewellery from recycled glass, such as gin and perfume bottles, turning waste into wearable art. Old Vine Candles create unique vessels for their candles from disused wine bottles, and women’s clothing label Woven by Society embraces sustainability with their no waste clothing range, that’s not only stylish, it’s great for the planet too.

The talent amongst our Australian makers and designers is limitless. They push themselves to create imaginative and unique products that are mindful of their environmental footprint and result in as little waste as possible.  They reuse items destined for landfill and create stunning, often one-off pieces, that are both inspiring and simply beautiful.

Perusing the stalls at the Handmade Market, and taking the time to ask the stallholders questions about their sustainable products and how the ideas for their products came about, is bound to be both enlightening and inspiring.

Handmade Ambassador Mrs Nargar & Co. talking to a customer at their stall.

Purchasing products made in Australian helps support our local economy

Before each market opens for the day, there is a little bit of a bustle behind the scenes as stallholders at the market whiz around, purchasing products from other makers. They are ordering their lunches for pickup with our food vendors, purchasing sweet treats to take home after the markets, gift buying for important occasions and, of course, a bit of superfluous shopping too – because they are human after all!  When you purchase products with a maker or designer at our market, or at a local small business, you can just about guarantee that a percentage of each sale is being passed on to other small businesses.

Kylie Nargar of Australian small business Mrs Nargar & Co had this to say about supporting the local economy:

“I love to give back, buying direct from other Australian Made businesses and purchasing online from them when I can’t get to a market.  I know it makes a difference to the people behind the business, who are just like me, rather than bigger businesses who mostly import their products from overseas. When I spend my money with Australian small businesses, I know that I am getting a unique product delivered with exceptional customer service.”

Julie Nichols, owner and Founder of the Handmade Market Canberra, started the Handmade Market Canberra over 15 years ago and believes supporting products made in Australia is one of the best things that consumers can do:

“The Handmade Market in Canberra supports over 600 designers and producers who all manufacture their products within Australia.  The market itself is certified with the Australian Made Campaign, which means that all products sold by stallholders at their market stall need to meet our strict Australian Made criteria. The market itself is like our own little economy.  People travel from all over to visit the market or if they are a small business, to have a market stall themselves.  They stay in hotels near by, they eat at our local restaurants and they spend money visiting our attractions. There is a flow on effect that is worth millions to the local economy.  It really is quite impressive. ”

If you are looking to discover beautiful and unique products that are Made in Australia, we’re sure our Australian Made Directory will inspire. Browse designers and producers across many different categories including Food & Drink, Body & Wellbeing, Jewellery, Fashion, Textiles and more.