29-30 June Market
Amy Creative jewellery designers canberra

Amy Creative

Bold & Bright Polymer Clay Jewellery

29-30 June Market
Barceloneta Spanish Cuisine


Authentic Spanish Paella and Spanish Breakfast

29-30 June Market
bopdotz vases


Ceramic Homewares and Silver Jewellery

29-30 June Market
Byanne Soap Samples


Canberra Based Small Batch Soap Maker

Clay by Fox Earrings

Clay by Fox

Unique Handmade Jewellery and Eco-friendly Homewares

29-30 June Market
Eggpicnic Bird Week Exhibition


Fine Art Prints & Public Art

29-30 June Market
Emma Field Jewellery Looking South Rings

Emma Field

One-of-a-kind Jewellery for Everyday Wear

29-30 June Market
Etchelon Australian Timber Desk Organisers


Bespoke Stationary made from Australian Timbers

29-30 June Market
Eucalypse Jewellery Pendant


A Botanical Range of Resin Jewellery

HARLO Organic Skincare Australian Made Fathers Day Gift


Organic Filler Free Skincare

29-30 June Market
Hello Sparkle Earrings

Hello Sparkle

Ink Art and Acrylic Earrings and Accessories

Holy Roly Rolled Icecream in a Cup

Holy Roly

Rolled Ice Cream and Cream Brulee Crepes

Hue Lane Table Decor

Hue Lane

Colourful Linen Textiles, Accessories and Homewares

Karen Lee Red Loop Women's Top

Karen Lee

Contemporary Fashion with Timeless Appeal