Folklove Clothing

Indigenous Country: Ngarigo Nation
Cooma NSW

Folklove is a celebration and love of world folkcostumes and cultures, folkmyths, environmental sustainability and a true love of nature – all immersed into one collective.

Folklove is a Big Love lifestyle brand still in it’s infancy, after only several years they are slowly growing their slow fashion and lifestyle items, the ones for you to cherish and love.

Designs are to made to complement not just your style but your body shape for comfort and longevity, all handmade here in Australia.

Folklove is passionate about sustainable, ethical and earth friendly materials, handmade locally into clothing and homewares and home grown botanicals made into cosmetics, asking the recipient to step away from buying synthetic fabrics, plastic and disposables into items loved to be reused, restyled and recycled instead.

Folklove is here to change our thinking in the way we buy, what we cherish and how we recycle them.

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