The Story Behind Frske

We speak to FRSKE Founder Adriana Frescura for an inside look at the label.

Launching an online clothing label was the furthest thing from Adriana Frescura’s mind.

A marketing communications professional, she just wanted a well-made cotton t-shirt. Something with sleeves that covered her upper arms to the elbow—and remained that length after washing. But there was no ‘go-to’ label, retailer or website she could rely on consistently.

Friends and colleagues of all ages shared her frustration. “Some women wanted longer hemlines because their bodies were changing. Others had a preference for designs that provided more coverage”, Frescura recalls.

She began to realize that people were designing casualwear for one of two personas. The first had style but came by default with short sleeves and high hemlines – ostensibly for the younger woman. And the second? The coverage was there, but the design was too often unflattering and entirely uninspiring.

“No one was creating daywear with that extra coverage. The women who sought it were invisible,” she says. “You could buy a great design, or you could cover up, but rarely both.”
Into this breach, her label, Frske, was born.

Beauty, Simplicity, and Sustainable Practices

Pronounced ‘Fressky’—the nickname given to Adriana by her friends—the Frske aesthetic draws upon Japanese minimalism and French street chic. There is an elegance about the clothes Frescura designs. They can appear simple but are beautifully detailed.

Practicality is her other imperative. “My clothes are breathable, comfortable and adaptable”, she says. “That means natural fibres, generous sizes and designs that can be loose-fitting or create a more defined silhouette.”

Underpinning the label’s development has been a commitment to ethical and sustainable practice. A small, Melbourne based manufacturer produce their garments ethically in small runs. All of their packaging is plastic-free, and Frske put all their fabric remnants to use.

A Spirited Range for Spring/Summer 2021

The Frske Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

The Frske Spring/Summer 2021 collection is faithful to all of its founder’s ideals.

“After a challenging year in Melbourne, I wanted this new range to capture the carefree spirit of summers past.”
The colours are bright and uplifting, and the designs are easy to wear and effortless to style. The beautiful detailing our customers love is there, as are the other Frske signatures—longer sleeves, longer hemlines and a relaxed fit.

“I think women who invest in one of the new pieces will be surprised at how easily they can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. I can picture the ruffled shift dress, for example, being worn to a sit-down Christmas lunch one day, then slipped over a pair of bathers the next, and worn poolside or to the beach.”
“As always, I aim to produce modest, ethical clothes that stand the test of time,” Frescura says. “Clothes that are as easy to care for as they are comfortable to wear. Clothes that women will fall in love with—and stay in love with—because they’re made to last.”
You can also see their full product lineup on their website, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram.