Gourmet food & drink at the Handmade Market

Discover an amazingly diverse range of gourmet food and drinks from our much-loved gourmet food hall in the Coorong pavilion at the next Canberra market.

Whether you are looking for a gourmet food sweet treat, a savoury dish or a refreshing beverage, there’s something for everyone. To get your taste buds tingling, we have curated a sneak peek of the types of gourmet food you can expect to see at our Canberra Christmas Market on the 8-10 December 2023

KORBQ Fried Korean Style Food
KORBQ fried chicken, are a local Canberra business founded in 2017. They offer various flavours of Korean-style fried chicken to suit everyones tastebuds. They are definitely becoming popular in the Canberra foodie scene!
Lebanese Bites Falafel
Lebanese Bites create authentic Lebanese Cuisine, with something for everyone! Choose from their Lebanese manoush sak, which uses homemade flatbread and is topped with a choice of ingredients, or their Chicken and Beef Shawarma Rolls, topped with salads and a choice of sauces. Other options include their Chicken and Beef Shawarma Snack Packs, served on a bed of hot chips and melted cheese, topped up with a choice of sauces, or their popular Falafel Roll.
Claystone Meats Ham for Christmas
Claystone Meats take pride in carefully curating a selection of meats. Meats are chosen for their exceptional quality, taste, and freshness. No holiday feast is complete without a delicious, beautifully smoked Christmas ham. Claystone’s hams are prepared with care and expertise, ensuring that they are not only a centrepiece of your holiday table but also a culinary masterpiece that delights the senses.
Cocoa for Loco Chocolate
Loco for Cocoa has family at heart, with the family being involved in every aspect of the business. Teena, creator of Loco for Cocoa, worked as a pastry chef and chocolatier for many years before deciding to head out on her own and fulfil her passion for decadent and premium quality chocolates.
She is a lover of fine products and has a creative mind to boot. She finds the real fun is in the creating, experimenting and finding what works to bring unique ingredient matches to the world. She isn’t afraid to try something new!
Cup and Cake Chocolate Cake Cups
Cup and Cake specialises in handcrafted cakes and cakes in a cup. Cakes in cups are ideal for markets as people can enjoy a wholesome cake on the go. Cup and Cake offers four unique flavors to satisfy every customer. Additionally, for those who prefer to enjoy a cup of tea with a cake at home, Cup and Cake also creates mini-sized cakes. Cup and Cake’s unique designs and flavors are sure to catch the eye. It also convenient that the owner makes custom orders for Regional NSW as well, so customers are able to order a cake anytime.
Macaron De Paris
Macaron De Paris is a family business established in 2009 that produces exquisite handmade Gourmet French Macarons.
With over 25 Gluten Free flavours, their brand’s objective is to deliver value for money by offering a larger size macaron utilising the highest quality Belgium Chocolate & sourcing the best available ingredients both locally and overseas. Come and experience the widest range of macarons in Australia and enjoy the great efforts they have made in setting a premium standard, where the visual beauty and attention to detail is matched only by the exquisite taste of every one of their macarons
Bearded Brewer Coffee
Bearded Brewer Coffee have loved coffee for a long time. And not just like the average family with three kids under the age of five! They have a passion for quality local produce that is made fresh, ethically sourced, and from sustainable farming practices. After sharing this passion with family and friends, the decision to continue to develop The Bearded Brewer brand was an easy decision. They love to give people the freshest and best quality product possible and we take great pride in creating a coffee that keeps their customers coming back
Bathurst Grange Distillery Whiskey and Gin
Bathurst Grange Distillery produces award-winning artisan spirits. From paddock to bottle, they farm junipers and barley and essential botanic ingredients used for distilling their gin and whisky. Everything is handcrafted using traditional methods. Whisky is produced and aged at the distillery for 3+ years in the unique temperate Bathurst climate. Bathurst Grange Distillery has over 4 years’ experience crafting world class gin with each gin in the range using indigenous Australian botanics.
Frank n Al Certified Organic, Caffeine free, Instant Chai
Frank n Al Chai is lovingly blended using Certified organic, caffeine free, cane sugar free, vegan friendly and gluten free ingredients. The Frank n Al Chai team pride themselves on the fact that their beautiful chai is not only certified organic, but also comes in home compostable packaging. Frank n Al’s blend of spices help relieve muscle pain, anxiety, calms your nervous system, aids weight loss and gives you a great nights sleep. A teaspoon in your cup, heat up your milk and mix together, that’s all, no straining!

For the full list of stallholders attending our Christmas event, be sure to browse the 8-10 December market lineup to start curating a list of the stalls you wish to visit.

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