Wrapping it up


Cheryl Sanders, like many mums, was looking for a business that she could run from home around her son, but also one that was environmentally aware and sustainable. WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps began with the desire to bring a wrap into the everyday home that was bright, colourful and useful. Says Cheryl, “I wanted it to scream “use me!!” to everyone in the household. They had to be beautiful enough to make people WANT to use them, which would therefore reduce the use of plastic wrap”.


Originally, she started with just the traditional beeswax wrap. However, she quickly realised there was a need for a plant based wrap for those who were not comfortable using beeswax. It was then that WRAPPA created the world’s first vegan friendly reusable wax wrap. “We are now the only wrap company in the world to have Palm Oil Free certification, which means that our customers can be guaranteed that all our ingredients are not only palm oil free, but also not are not impacting the environment through the palm oil trade”.


WRAPPA’s designs are primarily inspired by Cheryl’s love for Australian plants and native wild life. “We use only organic cotton and vegetable dyes, which bring the bold hues of Australia to life. Each of our packs tell a story through the patterns contained within. I can drive through the country and surround myself in gum trees and galahs and then come home and transfer that serenity onto the fabric of our wraps. It is such a fabulous feeling! Most recently I saw a gorgeous bunch of dried protea in a cafe and that was the inspiration for our latest Botanicals pack, which not only has hand drawn proteas, but also Sturt Desert Peas and blue banded native bees on them. I think this is going to become my favourite pack!”


All the wraps are made by hand by Cheryl and her team. They have always used the best quality ingredients, refusing to compromise with cheaper options. “The cotton is treated with our blend of Ligurian beeswax, damar resin and Australian grown jojoba oil. The vegan version contains two different plant waxes along with the damar resin and chemical free jojoba oil”. Each wrap is treated, hand cut, folded and labelled with minimal packaging and recycled paper tags.


WRAPPA will be at the market on 6, 7 & 8 December with all their popular Australiana and botanical prints, in both beeswax and plant based options. They will also be keeping the DIYers happy with their DIY Wax Bars. “These are a gorgeous blend of the exact same waxes that we use to make the wraps ourselves. Perfect for a fun activity with the kids or a ladies’ craft day with some local Chardonnay! Our chemical free firelighters were a huge hit last market, so we will be loading up with those again. These are great for camping, outdoor BBQs or braziers. They make the perfect Christmas gift for that person who has everything!”


To Cheryl, handmade says quality. “It says that this product was made with love. Someone took the time to learn how to make this item. They took pride in perfecting it and then started to share it with others as they built a business that supported their family”. And the Handmade Market has a large number of these beautiful handmade businesses all in one spot. “The quality of stallholders blows me away every time we attend, and we have been coming for over two years now. The committment to providing the very best of what is on the market to the customer shows through with every single market. We are so incredibly grateful to be a part of the Handmade family”.


When asked what she thinks of Canberra, Cheryl is quick to point out that she loves the weather. But the list doesn’t end there. “The bird life is incredible AND we have found the BEST curry place ever and we visit every single time we come to Handmade (shout out to Tikka Take!) Cheryl also really loves the regulars that come to her stall again and again. “The people who attend Handmade are always so friendly and now that we have so many ‘regulars’ it is really lovely to see them at each market.”


The Christmas break is a quiet time for Charyl and her family. “Running a business from home, it is always a struggle to get away from it all, but in January we make sure that this is what we do. Family is the reason we do what we do, so we make sure that we don’t lose sight of that through all the ‘busyness’.”