Would you like to be a Handmade Stallholder?


Handmade is a lovely market to sell at. Just ask some of our stallholders and they will tell you that it draws great crowds, but also that it has a wonderful sense of community. At Handmade, we look after you. From our easy to use website and communication in minute detail to our stallholder drinks on the Saturday after the market has closed, the Handmade family is a great place to be.

“Thank you so much for organising such a well planned and brilliant event over the weekend. This was our first time at Handmade Canberra and I know I should not draw any comparisions but the planning, design and execution of the event blows any other expo and market we have attended out of the water. You and your team are operating in a totally different ball park. The ease of registration, the email updates, comprehensive website and informative FB page all contributed to the success of the event and to our success as well. I loved just how easy it was for us – I wasn’t scatting around for bits of information, or calling you to chase up anything. I also loved that you and your team were on the ball and actively around during the two days – not just during registration or bump out. Thank you again!”
To be a stallholder, you need to first register with us. There is a comprehensive application form on our SELL AT THE MARKET page, which also has all the details you’ll need to register. If you are approved to be a stallholder, we will invite you to our markets as they come up and if you respond that you are interested, we will include you in our considerations.
And if you’re unsure about whether Handmade is for you, why not come along to the next market on 28 & 29 July at Exhibition Park, Canberra? There, you will see for yourself why Handmade is Canberra’s creative market and why our stallholders come back time after time.