Welcoming in the New


Have a look at our New Designers & Producers category! News is spreading across the land about how great our market is. As a result, we’ve had an unprecedented number of Australian small businesses applying for the September market. Clever, dedicated and creative designers fill this category. And they represent fashion, accessories, artwork, food, drink and all manner of other items. Let’s take a look at some of them.


We’ll start with skincare. Bask Aromatherapy focuses on the benefits of essential oils and recreating the day spa feeling of luxury and me-time at home. And “nothing leaves our house without a blessing”. With a background in big brand formulas, Charlotte’s Lab was set up to make products from ingredients that Charlotte wanted on her own skin. All scientifically formulated, this skincare “really works for your best skin”. Both of these brands are vegan and cruelty free.


Places We Luv is the home of vintage style travel prints, inspired by coastal living. Created by the team here in Australia and printed on high quality stock, these beautiful reminders of places we love are coming to Canberra (another place we love!) Bursaria Workshop, like many of our designers, has a slow approach to creating. Combining traditional print methods and digital pattern making, each piece is hand screen printed on organic fabric and then cut and sewn. Common Wood aims to never take part in the cutting down of a tree. Every piece is created entirely from reclaimed timber. All the chopping boards are created from a range of reclaimed Australian hardwoods and locally sourced recycled skateboards.


Feather and Barb is a label for women who don’t fit into conventional sizing, whether that is through lifting weights, playing sport or just genetics. Aiming to celebrate women, they want to show the beauty in being strong, having muscles and being proud of your body no matter what shape or size.

Sitting Pretty Designs is all about about sourcing exquisite leather hides and fabric, designing patterns and putting them together into distinctive bags and accessories. And recycled silver is the material of choice for Rbcca Kstr. She makes all her jewellery from 100% recycled metals, for lustworthy designs with minimal impact on the environment.

Clockwise from top left: Bask Aromatherapy, Rbcca Kstr, Bursaria Workshop, Sitting Pretty Designs, Charlotte’s Lab, Feather and Barb, Common Wood, Places We Luv.


Bendigo Brittle claims to be “gold for your gob”! It’s thin, crispy and crunchy and made from quality ingredients and Australian peanuts. We can’t wait to try it. Coco & Bean‘s gorgeous packaging makes a great first impression. This Australian artisan bakers shop creates little gift boxes filled with sweet treats. They are natural, handcrafted and made from premium local ingredients. Dosha Food Co makes ghee from grass fed certified organic Australian butter. They then add premium organic ingredients to create inspiring flavour combinations. The result is a set of products that will enhance your cooking.

The team from Roseade Spritzer says a lot has changed since the 80s. But wine spritzers are back and tastier than ever! Full of fun and good vibes, this drink combines rosé, traditional lemonade and spritz.

From left: Bendigo Brittle, Coco & Bean, Dosha Foods, Roseade Spritzer

Over the weeks running up to the market, we’ll be talking about many of our designers and producers. In the meantime, they’re all in the directory waiting for you to browse. Start making your list and take particular note of our new category. Make them feel welcome at the September Market. 7 & 8 September, 10am until 4pm. See you there!