This is possibly the most important thing you can provide. A good photo will give us a great indication of what you are designing and the quality as well. This is the first thing we will look at on your application. Please make sure that your photos are of a good quality. There are lots of online tutorials on taking good product photos if you need some help, including one on our Brandmade blog. We’ve shown some examples of good ones on this page. (Yes some of these have been taken with an iPhone)

Within your application form, you will be asked to upload at least one and up to five images that represent your product range. They need to be square, with a maximum file size of 2mb and a minimum width of 600px. All photo editing software will allow you to edit your images to meet these requirements. One of the images, the one uploaded in position 1, will be featured as a tile in our directory and is the shoppers’ first impression of your business. The more images you load, the better your directory entry and the better chance we and your customers have of understanding your brand.


If you make an amazing product then tell us that is what you make and how you go about it. Do you have an interesting story to tell, what makes you unique? Make sure you stand out! Please put in the correct category as well, ticking fashion because you have one shirt and the rest is jewellery but you forget to tell us that will not bode well on the day! These words will be visible in your directory entry and must be a maximum of 100. We also ask you to sum up your business in no more than 7 words. This is challenging, but allows visitors to the website to see a snapshot of you and the idea is to make them want more!


We really look at this information, and often base our decisions on what you write here, so please think carefully about who your audience is and describe them to us. For example, are you catering for mums with children under 10 years old? Why is that and how are you meeting their needs? P.S your target market probably is NOT “Everyone”


Styling & presentation at Handmade Canberra is important! Think about your stall set up and display. Showing us a well thought out display will get you lots of brownie points, but will also draw the shoppers in. Throwing a crushed velvet cover over your table and snapping a photo is no longer going to cut it! Think about your products – how are they used or worn? These factors shape who your customer is and why your product is unique.

We are looking for innovation and custom built stalls that make the best use of the space so we can maintain the high standard of display that we are known for. Below are some examples of beautiful Handmade displays.


We often walk around markets and notice that stallholders don’t have their brand on display. Get yourself a good logo, but even if you haven’t got one, your business name should be highly visible on your stall. Do you have signage, business cards? Do your customers know who you are? These should be the very minimum any good small business like yours should have. These can be found online and well priced these days.


We love having interstate designers at The Handmade Market. Our customers love having interstate designers as well. It means they can find something that is unique and cannot be found anywhere else in Canberra. Attending a market in another state is not for everyone and it can become very costly and tiring. The ones that do travel tell us good planning and a local bottle of wine always helps. Here are some things to consider if you are coming from interstate.

Please keep in mind that you will incur the extra costs of freight, petrol, accommodation, meals etc. It is your choice to apply and we cannot be responsible for these costs. Please factor this in when you are considering applying for Handmade. If your aim for attending Handmade is solely to make more sales you will really need to think about our demographic and whether it is possible to cover all your costs and still make a profit with your current stock levels and what you can bring with you. If it is to broaden your customer base and do a bit of customer research you still need to add up the costs and make the calculations. You might have more expenses than you do profits, but in the end it might help to grow your business. So much to think about.

There are ways to limit your costs if you are coming from interstate. Accommodation is almost always the biggest expense. If possible book early, you can always cancel if it is no longer needed if you supply enough notice. Some of our designers share and treat it like a bit of a working holiday. Flying vs driving: This will depend on how far away you live, how long it takes, whether your time could be better spent creating if it is going to take you two days to drive! Of course, how much you are bringing with you will also comes into this equation. If you need to send stock to the venue, there is info on how to do this in the Stallholder Handbook you get with your acceptance.

Creating that first impression. Think about what you usually take for a stall set up then remember you also need a suitcase etc. Will it all fit? If not, what can you afford to leave behind? There is no point coming all this way & then having only half your display. Preparation is key, there is no popping home for something left behind and we can only help you find so much on the day. If you then need to buy things because you left them behind this is really going to eat into your profits.

Make sure you know where, when the event is etc. Put it in your GPS, check the bus timetable etc. Being late is never a good look!