Want to know what it takes to be a part of our community- hold a market stall or selling handmade items online?  Here we share our tips on the best ways to show your business in the best light when applying to be a part of Handmade.  Don’t forget you can only register if your products are Australian Made!

Great Photos

This is possibly the most important thing you can provide, especially in the online world. A great photo will give us a great indication of what you are designing and the quality of your products. This is the first thing we will look at on your application. Please make sure to submit high quality photos, see examples below.  Please make sure your photos reflect your Australian-Made, available-items only.

Upon registering, you will be asked to upload at least one and up to five images that represent your product range. Images must be SQUARE with minimum dimensions of 600px by 600px and be under 2MB in size. All photo editing software will allow you to edit your images to meet these requirements. One of the images, the one uploaded in position 1, will be featured as a tile in our directory and is the shoppers’ first impression of your business. The more images you load, the better your directory entry and the better chance we and your customers have of understanding your brand.

Explaining yourself

When registering, please choose the main product category that best represents the majority of your Australian Made products.

Please explain what your amazing products are and how you produce them. Do you have an interesting story to tell, what makes you unique, what is your niche? The registration form will ask you to explain your brand in 100 words or less and your summary will be visible in your public profile listing for participating markets. Additionally we ask you to sum up your business in 5- 7 words.

Describe who your target market is, for example, are you catering for mums with children under 10 years old? Why is that and how are you meeting their needs? Have you created a customer persona? P.S your target market probably is NOT “Everyone”.

Branding and Presentation

Styling & presentation at Handmade is important! We like to get an idea of the quality of your market stall set up and we look for innovative stalls so we can maintain the high standard of displays that we are known for, see examples below. Some designers like to set up displays for their online markets and have live, interactive social media to sell their products.

Branding is important as it helps to tell your story!  Have your brand on display at live events, your business name especially should be highly visible. Do you have signage and business cards? Do your customers know who you are?  Is your brand consistent and cohesive across all your digital platforms?

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