The Spring Line Up


It’s a very exciting time for Handmade. There are only seven weeks to go until our Spring event on 7 & 8 September. We’ve invited applications and reviewed hundreds of designers and producers. We’ve researched their products and curated them by category. And now we’ve checked their images and profiles so that the directory is full of stylish content for you. Yes, it’s here! The directory is up and ready for you to view HERE.


Our categories are easy to search. You can either look at the whole list alphabetically or select from the list. We have home (textiles ceramics, candles) and garden. We have sections for him and for the kids. Fashion, jewellery and accessories are all in display. There is artwork, photography and craft. We even have a category for your pets. And the gourmet section includes the gourmet pantry, drinks and street food.


We also have some special lists. If you want to look at all of our new designers and producers, find them in the New category, and take your time, as there are 70 of them for the September market! We have a special section for the designers and producers that come from the Canberra region. And we have another for designers whose products include items with a Canberra theme.

If you’re keen to learn which stallholders can only be found at Handmade in the region, head to the Exclusive category. And we have a new area called Conscious Living. This is a section that we’ll focus on over the coming weeks. It’s the place where we have put all the businesses who have an ethical approach. This could mean working with recycled materials. It could involve vegan or gluten free options. Or it could involve ethically produced items with all natural ingredients or no palm oil.


So start making your list, because the next seven weeks will fly by and we’ll be counting down to our gorgeous Spring event. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing articles on some of the designers and producers that are breaking new ground and approaching things differently. We’ll also be talking about some of the categories in the directory. We can’t wait to share all of our news, so keep reading the blog for more! In the meantime, happy browsing…