Our July Market falls right in the middle of this year’s truffle season. To celebrate, and to showcase our Gourmet Food Hall (Canberra’s largest indoor food market) we are having our own truffle festival – the Handmade Truffle Snaffle!

Come and snaffle local truffles and truffle products on 28 & 29 July in our warm pavilion. Experience the highly distinctive aroma and taste these local jewels for yourself. Truffles have been captivating us for thousands of years. Always seen as a delicacy, and usually the fayre of the wealthy and elite, the distinctive aroma and heady taste have led to myths and legends. Known as a gift from the gods and the devil’s food and rumoured to form when lightning strikes, this fungus has been credited with fertility, health and supernatural powers. Found among the roots of chestnuts, oaks, hazel and beech trees, the truffle is used to flavour dishes and is still seen as a rare luxury. The first Australian black truffles were harvested in Tasmania in 1999, this date marking the start of a growing and successful truffle industry in this country. Our local cool climate has given rise to a Canberra region truffle producing community, including two local producers who will be at the Handmade Market in July.

The Truffle Farm, based on the slopes of Mount Majura not only produces truffles, but also runs truffle hunts and degustation events. The Truffle Farm Canberra is the only commercial truffle farm in the world in a capital city. The Truffle Baron in Sutton also produces black truffles for customers and eateries in the region and beyond. Both will be bringing their produce and experience to the market, so come and chat. If you’re interested in sampling truffle products, head to the Great Southern Truffles stall at the market. Hailing from Western Australia, this family run business is bringing its gourmet range, made from its own truffles including oil, butter, salsa, sauce, mustard, and honey.

But it’s not just our specialist producers that are bringing truffle products to the Handmade Market. The Canberra Distillery has partnered with The Truffle Farm to produce a distinctive and delicious local truffle vodka. Taste and buy this unique product in our drinks area. Kurbside Kitchen will be bringing a touch of the exotic to their spiral spuds. Seasoned with truffle salt, these are sure to be a tasty snack to eat while you shop. Or head to Goose on the Loose for their mouthwatering and popular truffle salami, which is great to taste and take home. Neo Organic Tea has a special blend that includes truffles. Their Coconut Truffle Tea Infusion is a delicious blend of coconut and white tea with a hint of vanilla, truffle and lapacho tea. A high antioxidant tea infusion, this low caffeine tea is delicious hot, iced or with splash of Malibu for a tasty cocktail. Handmade regulars, Sticky Balsamic, have won a gold medal for their Truffle Balsamic Vinegar. Infused with truffles, this balsamic is made in small batches and won gold at the 2017 Hobart Fine Food Awards. Head to Cannoli Brothers for a sweet twist. Their truffle and stringy bark honey mascarpone crema will deliciously fill their blonde cannoli shells. With all ingredients local, this will be a fresh and tasty treat to complete your truffle journey at the market.

We’ll see you there! 28 & 29 July, 10am – 4pm, Exhibition Park Canberra.