Sustainable Solutions with Trashion Magazine

Sustainability and addressing industry issues with Trashion Magazine.

Here at Handmade, we’ve always championed the niche of Australian Made. Being the only market to intentionally curate a collection of Australian and handmade products and traders, we’re excited to share with you a brand new sustainable fashion magazine. Having launched in Canberra earlier this year, Trashion Magazine is a new digital magazine with a focus on local and national talent. They released their first issue in March 2020.

The bi-annual publication has a clear message for readers that it’s still ‘okay’ to enjoy fashion, despite the impact of the fashion industry on the world… and that sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be bland or boring. It’s possible to express ourselves through clothing, as well as be practical with our garments and their functions, with more considered consumer choices and increased awareness of how to shift towards a more sustainable, fashionable future.


Sustainable Solutions with Trashion Magazine



The fashion industry is one of the top polluters in the world. Mountains of textiles end up in landfills every year, and fast fashion also contributes to unsafe and inhumane working conditions in developing countries. Trashion sets out to offer solutions for some of these issues, without the guilty price tag that goes along with living in a modern world. It encourages readers to do small things as opposed to intimating them with the pressure of overwhelming statistics and high expectations.

From Trashion creator, J P Martin:

“My aim is to offer a magazine that doesn’t just make people think, but encourages them to think twice, and then to act – starting a positive ripple effect of slower, more sustainable fashion, while still enjoying the liberty and love that fashion offers them. It won’t happen overnight – it is a gradual process – but it is all of our responsibilities to at least make some small changes towards global sustainable goals.”


Trashion showcases slow designers, couture design, handmade designers, and all things fashion and accessories, as well as re-loved, recycled, and preloved solutions. The focus is Canberra and Australia, with some international inspiration as sustainability is a global issue.

Trashion takes the “F” off of “Fashion” and adds the TRue TRends, the fair TRade, and the TRansformation. Click here to read the launch issue from March, and be sure to check out the second issue in September. 

You can follow Trashion on Instagram at @hashtagtrashion. 


Sustainable Solutions with Trashion Magazine