Preparations are well underway for the next Handmade Market, which will be held over the weekend of 29 & 30 June, 10am – 4pm at EPIC.

We can wear our cosy coats, take our boots and handmade beanies out of storage and snuggle under soft blankets, enjoying the early darkness with sessions of Netflix and indulgent foods.

Speaking of food, we’ve chosen to theme our Winter market around all of the wonderful food and drink that Australia has to offer. Food tourism is on the rise here for a very good reason. Australia has a wealth of producers that put our unique climate to good use and come up with innovative ways to grow, brew, distill, age, smoke and prepare delicious food and drink.

Come to the market in June and wander around our Gourmet Food Hall. There, you will be treated to conversations with the makers, samples to taste and delicious and beautifully packages produce to take home. You will still find the usual and beautifully crafted designer goods too!

Here’s our vision board for the market, with warming Winter food, cosy fashion and homewares and rich colours. Keep reading for more news about the designers and producers who will be with us for the market. In the meantime, stay warm!