Our new look!

Our new look!

Things have been a little quiet over here on our blog this year but we have a good excuse!  We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on a rebranding project.

We’re happy to have launched our new look this week and are excited to share a bit of the process with you here today.  


The brief for the rebrand was “fun, clean and simple”.  As a team, we got to work pulling together some reference images we liked.  We were surprised to see they all shared a very similar colour palette.  

[Image references: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4]


The choice of colours was easy looking at our selected reference images!  We have always used some version of a darker blue, and we decided to continue this tradition.  We just updated it to a deeper navy to go with our bolder new look.  Then we selected our supporting colours to complete the palette. 


This was another one that came together easily.  Once we’d decided that we were going to simplify things down to “handmade”, the rest fell into place.  We all agreed that it should be bold, simple and more than one of us suggested a full stop at the end for emphasis. We looked through some potential fonts and unanimously loved the one we chose.


In the past, we’ve experimented with theming each market and doing a photoshoot in that theme for all of our graphics, website, print material etc.  This time, we thought we’d try something a little different to go with our new look.  We created a set of illustrated icons to use instead.

The icons were designed to represent different categories of products available at the market, or things that represented the hand-crafting process.  You’ll notice they’re not smooth/polished shapes.  We wanted the “handmade” influence to show through here, making them look as though they’d been cut by hand from paper.  There was a nod to designers like Lotta Jansdotter – who still hand-draws, photocopies, and hand-cuts her designs (instead of doing it digitally).  We also found inspiration in the simple yet bold paper cuts by Matisse.


All in all, we’re thrilled with how the new look has come together.  We think it meets the brief of “fun, clean and simple”.  Just like wearing a new favourite handmade dress, it’s got us feeling like a whole new person!