Our March Door Greeters


Those of you who attend the Handmade Market regularly will know that parking is free and entry is free. We want to offer you the best of Australian design and produce without charging you, so it will always be this way. However, we always ask that you make a gold coin donation to our wonderful door greeters, who are giving up their time to raise valuable funds for the local community.

At the next market on 23 & 24 March, our charity is Menslink. Menslink’s aim is to support young men in Canberra. They have several vital programs running around the capital. Their Youth Mentoring Program is there to provide support for young blokes who are starting out, by giving them advice from men who are already on the journey. They provide counselling to help those who are struggling and turn them around with support and positivity. They visit schools in the region to chat to young men about the hassles they’re encountering, and do the same within organisations to address issues such as mental health.

Here’s what some teachers have had to say about Menslink:

“A big number of boys have come forward since your session to report mental health concerns about themselves or others; it has created great opportunities for us to put some good strategies and interventions in place to assist their recovery. At least 5 issues have come out that I think would not have come out if it wasn’t for your visit. So, in short, thank you.”

“The Menslink Silence is Deadly program…provided a clear and simple message to our students and one that is crucial for all young men to hear: that it is ok to fail and if you are experiencing any difficulties then talk with someone. Seeking help is the answer.”

Menslink has a calendar full of wonderful events, guest speakers and organisations that bring young men’s issues into the public arena and partners with local organisations to raise funds and awareness.

So, we can’t wait to see you at the market, and don’t forget to bring along some change for this wonderful local organisation. Thank you.