Our Festive Festival


At 4pm on Sunday, we closed the doors to our biggest market of the year with huge smiles on our faces. And we can guarantee that all of the Handmade stallholders were feeling the joy because Canberra came out in the sunshine to EPIC and shopped for Christmas in style last weekend.

On Friday evening, the after work crowd met to enjoy cocktails, glasses of regional wine and beer and snack on street food. The atmosphere was such a buzz to experience that the people who arrived as soon as we opened were still there as we said goodnight at 9pm.

Everyone had obviously made their lists and checked them twice. Many of the designers and producers reported that people know exactly what they wanted to buy, had researched and made plans and then finished with everything ticked off (and more!) Many were not there to shop for gifts at all, but wanted to indulge in some retail therapy for themselves and walked away with unique fashion, perfect pieces for the home and pantry staples for everyday use.

The Christmas spirit was evident on every corner. Beautiful baubles and decorations could be found all over the three halls of EPIC. We had carol singers to bring the festive cheer and specially crafted cocktails to see in the silly season.

At each market, we do the rounds to see who has put on a show. So many stall holders had made it their mission to present their best face to the Canberra public, that it was very difficult to select our winner for best stall. We decided to share the honours by awarding one prize to an established stallholder who adapts to the Canberra buying public’s thirst for style, makes a significant effort to promote themselves and the market and always relates to the shoppers with a smile. We awarded the other to a new designer who has also researched, tailored their offering to the overall feel of the market and created a stall that tells a story and entices people in to hear more.

The girls from Two Threads have a very loyal customer base and speak professionally to them all year round. Their stall felt like walking into a warm and friendly shop, with beautiful branding, a spacious layout and comfortable fixtures to match the wide smiles (and beautiful clothing!) Newcomer, Julian Suitor, is a local blacksmith whose attention to detail led to him studying the Handmade social media images and reflecting our own style in his displays. Specially constructed displays and authentic touches characterised his stall and his knives and metal homewares were very popular with the Canberra buyers – definitely one to watch for the future. Congratulations to our winners, but also to all of the stallholders who spent time planning their displays to perfection.