We never charge you to enter the Handmade Market. Entry is free and parking is free. However, we do ask that you give a gold coin donation to our door charity on the way in. March’s worthy organisation is Menslink. They will greet you with a smile as you come into the market on 17 & 18 March. With your support, they can continue the fantastic work they do for young men in Canberra, like their “Silence Is Deadly” campaign.

The Silence Is Deadly campaign is run by Menslink, in partnership with Canberra Raiders. It involves Raiders players and Menslink staff visiting schools and telling young men that it’s okay to need help with the hassles in your life.

Guys find it hard to talk about problems and ask for help. They often stay silent about the real issues in their lives – issues we can all have from time to time, like bullying, anxiety, getting dumped or feeling sad all the time. Young guys suffer from depression and anxiety at around the same rate as young women, around 1 in 4. However, unlike girls, only 1 in 10 guys will talk to someone and get help. Menslink and the Raiders are teaming up in 2016 to take the Silence is Deadly campaign out to every high school and college. We see too many young blokes suffering in silence – screwing up their school work, leaving school or just feeling miserable – and not getting help. Silence can be deadly – and deadly doesn’t mean cool, it means fatal. Suicide kills more young guys over fifteen than any other cause and we don’t want silence to let it get to that stage”.

Menslink want young guys to start talking, start listening and to be there for each other and this awareness campaign with the Raiders is vital for the health of young men in the Canberra Region, so your support would be much appreciated.