29-30 June Market
Amy Creative jewellery designers canberra

Amy Creative

Bold & Bright Polymer Clay Jewellery

29-30 June Market
Emma Field Jewellery Looking South Rings

Emma Field

One-of-a-kind Jewellery for Everyday Wear

29-30 June Market
Eucalypse Jewellery Pendant


A Botanical Range of Resin Jewellery

29-30 June Market
Hello Sparkle Earrings

Hello Sparkle

Ink Art and Acrylic Earrings and Accessories

29-30 June Market
MayFred Jewels Etta Earrings

MayFred Jewels

Personalised Crystal Jewellery and Precious Metals

29-30 June Market
Mill Foundry Imprint Cusp Ring

Mill Foundry

Handcrafted Contemporary Minimalist Jewellery and Objects

29-30 June Market
Mingled Minimalist Fashion Jewellery


Modern and Minimalist Fashion Jewellery

29-30 June Market
Minjimorphic Lovingly Different Handmade Jewellery


Lovingly Different Handmade Jewellery

29-30 June Market
Miss Lizzy Cicada Jewellery

Miss Lizzy

Wearable Art for all Bodies and Genders

29-30 June Market
Nicola Bannerman Seashell Earrings

Nicola Bannerman

Quality Jewellery that’s Elegant, Unique and Timeless

29-30 June Market
Norita Designs Jewellery

Norita Designs

Eclectic Jewellery Collections by Nora Rovner-New

29-30 June Market
Riley Burnett Jewellery and Lifestyle Products

Riley Burnett

Riley Burnett Jewellery & Lifestyle Products

29-30 June Market
sixD Elephant Pendant


Handmade Quality Jewellery. Sustainable, Meaningful & Beautiful

29-30 June Market
Sophie Anna Bangle Stack

Sophie Anna

Contemporary Jewellery with a Distinctive Edge

29-30 June Market
Tyet Designs Copper Wrap Rings

Tyet Designs

Artisan Wearable and Display Art