Kaya Jewellery

Not just a pretty jewellery brand.

Kaya Jewellery founder and designer, Marlowe Richards and her small team of Master Artisans create fabulous bespoke jewellery. Her work has acquired a devoted following around the world. Her designs are not only exquisite from an aesthetic standpoint but also carefully considered. Marlowe crafts each piece with natural materials and gemstones which, when worn, provide support, comfort, strength and above all, inspiration needed on your wellness journey.

When you explore the Kaya Jewellery collection, you’ll learn about the healing and empowering properties of the products. This ensures you’ll find that special piece (or pieces) which will make you feel beautiful inside and out.


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Kaya’s Wellness Jewellery works hard for you. The pieces add style to your look, as well as attending to your wellness needs. They also assist with your meditation practice. 

Many of us are now recognising the importance of self-care and wellness. Taking an active role in our physical and psychological wellbeing can often lead to the discovery of the advantages of using natural remedies. 

The revitalising powers of gemstones and crystals, for instance, have been used for centuries. When creating jewellery, Marlowe carefully selects the gemstones with specific qualities to address areas of concern for her customers. The lava beads she includes in many of her pieces are perfect conduits of essential oils. You can apply essential oils to the lava beads which will absorb their scent so you can carry your aromatherapy with you all day. 

Mala beads are a useful tool when meditating, and the Kaya Malas are no different. Meditating with a Mala chosen for your needs can help with anxiety and stress, as well as general emotional wellbeing and a range of physical symptoms.

Kaya backs up the supportive qualities of its products by including affirmations enclosed in its stunning, plastic-free packaging. Your wellbeing is Kaya’s obsession.



Kaya Jewellery believes that wellness, hope, happiness and beauty can never be fully realised without embracing and respecting the natural world around us. The Kaya studio is nestled just a stone’s throw from a glorious beach in the Illawarra (south of Sydney). The location reminds Marlowe and her team daily of the importance of ‘keeping it real’.

Kaya Jewellery lovingly hand-craft all their pieces locally, using all-natural materials. They come wrapped in gorgeous eco packaging to minimise their carbon footprint.



How would you like to handcraft your very own Mala that suits your personal wellness needs? Marlowe has the perfect kit & workshop combo for you. 

Choose your wood, gemstones and healing crystal gemstone beads. The Kaya team will pop in some lava beads to diffuse your favourite essential oils. Once your order has shipped, they’ll send you a link to watch the workshop video. Watch it as many times as you like as you create your personalised Mala. 

And with the buy one get one offer, you can make one for yourself, and one for a friend. The kits make for a gorgeous and thoughtful DIY Christmas gift and can be shipped worldwide. They’re great for those suffering through COVID lockdown!


And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Kaya Jewellery range during our Online Christmas Markets starting this Saturday, November 7th. 

You can see all of the range on their website, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram.


Kaya Jewellery