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I saw the sign


Branding at the market. Top: Clockeyed. Right: Macaroon Kids. Bottom Left: the designs of Zilpah Tart. Centre: Tango & James.

One of the best things for me about the Handmade Market is chatting to the wonderful designers. So many of them have got their brands absolutely right. Not only are the products mouthwatering, but they really know who they are and what they want to say to their customers.

Over the next couple of Brandmade posts, I’d really like to review some of the conversations I’ve had at the market and tell the stories of some of Handmade’s unique brands.

Tango & James is a specialist in recovering old furniture in fabulous fabric. Lisa Barrett named the company after two of her goldfish, but it would he hard to forget her fabrics and accessories after only a few seconds! Lisa designs her own patterns and has them printed onto fabric, which is then made into cushions, upholstery and accessories. Her branding is evident everywhere, from the hand-finished sign to the labels and price tags. She has also put a lot of thought into her displays, which add a wow factor to her little stall.

For Zilpah Tart, the memorable name is personal. Owned by very talented fashion designer, Yumi Morrissey the label was named after her grandmother. The branding is also personal, as the logo is a penny farthing bicycle and was chosen because it was the design on a brooch that Zilpah left behind when she died. Yumi’s current collection takes images of the iconic Canberra landscape and repeats them onto fabric, creating bespoke designs that highlight the wonderful cut of her clothes and accessories.

Clockeyed is all about the humour, but there is a strong business reason for Anthony Whyte’s name. Anthony wanted a word that was unique and wouldn’t throw up too many options when searched on Google. He liked the word cock-eyed, meaning crooked and found in an urban dictionary that “clockeyed” meant to be so bored that you are watching the clock. As Anthony upcycles road signs, found objects and everyday items into clocks, this branding couldn’t be more appropriate. Carrying through the recycled theme, his business cards are made of cut up old photographs stamped with his details.

The name for Macaroon Kids was also born out of a desire to have limited competition in Google searches. Amanda wanted a name beginning with M and spent a lot of time online looking for the right name. Her range of cushions and accessories in black and macaroon shades of pink and mint fit the brand perfectly, and a lot of thought went into the bespoke display furniture at the market.

The Handmade market is held five times a year at EPIC. Do you have a handmade business selling Australian made products? Handmade Canberra would love to hear from you if you’re interested in taking a stall. Enquiries can be made through this website and applications are open year round.



Caroline Leevers is responsible for the Handmade brand, including the website, Handmade Style, the newsletter and the online magazine. When she's not hanging out with the lovely Handmade team, she runs Callie & Co Design, a Canberra graphic design studio that crafts brands for small businesses. Her favourite things about Canberra are the seasons (especially Autumn), the big sky, the coffee and the great events.


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