Happy Hours


If you’re not thirsty now, you will be by the time we’ve shown you all the drinks on offer at the Handmade Market! On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March, our Gourmet Food Hall will be a cafe, bar, pub and restaurant all in one. And all your drinking tastes will be catered for.


Coffee first, as that’s the way we roll at Handmade. Our friends from The Fix will be back to speedily serve you their deliciously roasted blends in the Coorong Pavilion. And if you’re at the other end of Handmade, we have newcomer, The Bearded Brewer, to supply you with another uniquely roasted option in the Budawang Building.


2Cane’s juice is super fresh, with fruit and sugar cane piled high and ready to be pressed on the spot. Choose from a range and they’ll prepare right in front of you. For the best lemonade, Krave will be ready with myriad of flavours to quench your thirst.

Head to Tea Garden Co for an Autumn blend or try something a little different at Altina, where you’ll find non-alcoholic cocktails with a kick. Mailer McGuire will be back serving a pure and complex kombucha in a range of flavours that are all good for you. Speaking of healthy, try a shot of Cider Tonic’s apple cider vinegar to pep you up as the weather cools down. To take home, Made by Katherine has some delicious cordials (which also combine beautifully with spirits from our distillers). Yummy spicy chai from Chai Addict will also be on sale, as will spicy ginger beer in several different flavours from Grumpys, so we really do have something for everyone.


Over in the bar, Tumut River has the brews to satisfy lovers of boutique beer and we have three wineries with cool climate vintages to taste. Have a chat with Twisted River, Quarry Hill and Callipari and find out what’s going to be on your drinks menu. And we really will need a menu to tell you about all of the wonderful spirits (and cocktails) on offer. Original Spirit Co. will be coming back from the Mornington Peninsula with their award winning, smooth and sophisticated spirits made from carefully sourced ingredients. And we’re blessed with two local distillers who are passionate about what they do, so are looking forward to welcoming back The Canberra Distillery and Underground Spirits.

And as we’ve said, Taste Riverina will be bringing wineries and distillers to their alley of stalls, giving you even more choice. You might have to stay with us for the whole market so you’ve got time to try everything! See you there.