Handmade loves to find new and exciting stallholders to bring to the shoppers of Canberra and beyond. Putting you in touch with amazing, creative small Australian businesses is what we’re here for. The processes that many of our traders go through to bring you something perfect and polished are not always easy. Blood, sweat and tears are often involved. And the pristine pieces that Emma Klau creates are shiny little examples of this.

Glass by Emma Klau is an Adelaide business run by Emma. She specialises in designing high-end, functional, hand blown glassware, including awards pieces and high-end commissioned art pieces. Her studio at the Jam Factory in Adelaide is the source of commissions for the Tour Down Under and the Food and Wine Festival. For the last eight years, she has been developing her range of functional revolving glass ware and bowls. Her kinetic series is among her most popular. Glasses, decanters and bowls sit on a cone-shaped base, making them dynamic but also stable. And stunningly beautiful.


Says Emma: “When I began blowing glass, what I loved about the substance was its ability to bend and stretch its organic nature. Once I trained and refined my skills as a serious vessel blower and maker, what I discovered was the quirky nature of glass. I decided to design a range of enjoyable revolving high-end functional glassware – in particular, for wine products.” Of course, growing up in an area known for its outstanding wines was an inspiration. Creating enjoyable drink ware was the aim and the Red Wine Glass was the first. “Its axis means the glass revolves in a circle, aerating the wine. Thin rimmed, easy to drink from mouth to nose, easy to hold.”

The next product was the Revolving Decanter. With a thin pouring lip and a deceptively large volume, each one easily holds a bottle of wine. And don’t worry, the base’s design prevents spilling your wine while it’s resting.

In 2013, Emma decided to make miniature versions of the wine glass as little shot glasses. “The smaller form was fun and I discovered the tight point could act as the perfect spinning top.” The range comes in a range of fresh colours. And then followed the contemporary Rest Bowl which, contrary to its name, revolves on its axis. Still to come, a white wine and liquor glass to complete the range, which has won awards and garnered interest from high end restaurants and bars.

These clever and contemporary designs bely the hard and hot work required to produce them. If you’ve visited the Glassworks in Canberra, you’ll have witnessed the process. And at the Jam Factory in Adelaide, Emma spends time heating, shaping and creating pieces that are fun and enjoyable, but also elegant and beautiful. We can’t wait to welcome her to the market on 7 & 8 September, 10am until 4pm.

From furnace to function: Emma at work.