Give It to Givit


We never charge you to come to the Handmade Market. It’s a shopping experience we want everyone to enjoy without having to pay. We’d rather you spent your loose change on a worthy cause, so we always have an organisation greeting you at the door, collecting gold coins.

At the October Market on 20 & 21 October, our door charity is GIVIT, a national not-for-profit organisation connecting those who have with those who need, in a private and safe way. GIVIT works to alleviate poverty in Australia by providing pre-loved quality items to Australians in need. Australian charities may request essential items on behalf of their clients. GIVIT then matches these requests with items donated by the community. Since launching into the ACT in 2017, GIVIT has partnered with 200 local charities and matched 40,000 donated items.

GIVIT needs your help this Spring. Local charities have told us that their clients are in desperate need of lawnmowers. It may be for a brave mother who has escaped domestic violence, or a recently arrived family who now call Canberra home – your donation of a quality lawnmower will let these people know that their community cares. Experience the joy of giving – donate a lawnmower or see what’s needed in your area at

Givit Kids helps children to contribute and learn the benefits of helping and donating to those who need it more, whether it’s a book, magazine or toy. Givit kids join a network of others who like to help and receive a monthly newsletter with inspiring stories and competitions to get them involved.

It’s a great idea that Handmade is happy to support. Your donation will help those in need.