Forging Ahead


At Handmade we support designers and producers who spend years learning and perfecting traditional methods. And we love it even more, when they use these methods to create products for the 21st Century. One such designer is blacksmith, Julian Suitor.
Julian forges his products locally in Bungendore, including iron homewares, tools and unique knives. It’s a new business based on old skills with an eye on developing products according to demand. Says Julian, “I really launched my business at Handmade last December. This was when I decided to come out of the woods and have a chat with Canberrans about what exactly it is that I do as a blacksmith in the 21st Century. Since that time, my work has progressed a lot, as people have their own ideas about what they want in a hand forged item, which has allowed me to incorporate elements I may not have previously considered.”

Julian’s hand forged kitchen knives are collectors pieces. Inspired by their popularity, he’s started to make hand forged camp axes, which will be new for the June Market on 29 & 30 June.


As a local, Julian is a big fan of Canberra. “I have lived in every state of Australia and ultimately chose Canberra as the final place to settle down. For me the city flows at the perfect pace, it is convenient and fast to get around, has everything you need and more, and the capital will always be the capital.”
Being a blacksmith lends itself well to the Winter season, particularly here in Canberra where the days are colder than average. We asked Julian what his favourite thing about Winter is and the answer came easily. “Crunching through the frost to open my workshop and light the forge fire, then warming up my anvil with a lump of 800 degree iron. The perfect start to a Winters day!”