Five Questions With…


Louise Martiensen is a Handmade regular, popular for her beautiful and sophisticated ceramic pieces.

LouiseM Studio is her ceramics studio practice based in Marrickville, Sydney specialising in slip-cast wares. Her pieces are not only beautiful, but practical enough for every day use, each piece made by hand. With a mix of styles, from floral to luxe, we can’t wait to welcome her back to Handmade on 20 & 21 October, where she will be selling one piece that’s a special collaboration for our tenth birthday – watch this space. We asked Louise five questions.

1. What’s the best thing about being a designer?

What I love about being a designer is the opportunities it offers for creative experimentation. You’ve usually got a goal in mind, but how you get there is entirely up to you. I’m designing and making things that people use and engage with on a daily basis and I think that’s really special, knowing there’s a person waiting at the other end of the process.

2. Have you got a current favourite product and why?

My current favourite product would have to be the custom house number tiles I’ve been making for a few clients. The first one was originally requested by a Handmade customer and it came out so beautifully that when I put it up on social media it got a lot of attention and a few more custom orders. It’s been a different direction for my ‘flora’ range of wares, and I’m loving the results

3. What is your studio like?

My studio is honestly a bit chaotic. There are never enough shelves! And so much work happening, but it all fits in somehow. I share the space and the building with lots of other makers, and it’s a nice atmosphere to have, even if it isn’t the cleanest

4. What are you most looking forward to about the Handmade Market?

What I’m most looking forward to at the next Handmade market is catching up with customers and other stallholders. And picking up a few treats for myself. I missed the last market, so it’s been a while and I can’t wait to get back

5. What’s special to you about Spring?

Spring is a special time of year for me because it sees me at my busiest. After their dormant winter period a lot of native plants are blooming and I’m scrambling to capture as many of them as I can in my ‘flora’ range, which is decorated with native flora pressed in to the surface of plates and bowls.