Finding Inspiration with the Laughing Bird Print Studio

How the Laughing Bird Print Studio tell stories of nature

At the Laughing Bird Print Studio, inspiration is found by hiking and drawing in the most beautiful and wild places in Australia. Through their prints, they tell stories about the beauty and complexity of the creatures and plants that make Australian landscapes so unique.


Studio owner and printmaker Freedom Wilson has found that quietly drawing in the bush allows her to observe nature. Observing and drawing enables her to begin to understand and appreciate relationships between landscape, vegetation, insects, birdlife and animals.

“We are lucky to live in the Blue Mountain’s and to have a front garden full of gorgeous and inspiring native flowers on hand, too,” Freedom says.

These drawings are brought back into the print studio, where Freedom uses traditional printmaking methods to transform them into silkscreen prints. Each print is using the silkscreen and squeegee. Freedom loves producing accessible art through Laughing Bird. Their range of tea towels, bags, and aprons allow people to bring their works into their everyday lives.

“We love that many of our tea towels end up framed on kitchen walls.”


The Laughing Bird Print Studio - Handmade Canberra











Here at Handmade, we miss hosting our in-person markets here in Canberra. The Little Print Studio is also missing the face to face market hustle.

“The smiles and kind encouraging words from Handmade visitors keep us excited, motivated and happy for months,” Freedom says. “There is a euphoric atmosphere amongst creative stallholders too – checking out what we have all been up to, and supporting each other.”

While it’s certainly been different, Laughing Bird loved the opportunity to participate virtually. “The digital market is a great way to share the Handmade vibe with everyone here at home and share the atmosphere with wonderful local friends.”



2020 has been a challenging and strange year for many of us. But it has given Laughing Bird more time to focus on research and inspiration. In the lead up to the Spring Virtual Market, Freedom has been working hard to finish off an illustrated poster guide to Autumn fungi of the Blue Mountains. The fungi were spectacular during Autumn when the first lockdown began, and it inspired Freedom to take on the project as a new challenge. 

She’s looking forward to sharing it with us all on September 26th, and we can’t wait to shop her range! Keep an eye out for more information on their special offer for the day.

You can also see their full product lineup on their website, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram.