Australian Homewares Designers

You are bound to find an impressive array of Australian Homewares Designers showcasing their products at each of our Canberra markets. Our homewares designers understand that when decorating our homes, we often seek out pieces that reflect both our styles and personal values. Therefore, they combine a unique blend of quality, sustainability and craftsman ship, to deliver timeless pieces in their ranges for you and your loved ones to enjoy for generations.

Because all homewares you find at our markets are Australian made, you’ll often find homewares featuring distinctive designs inspired by our country’s rick landscapes and cultures. When you choose to decorate your home with pieces made by Australian homewares designers, you’re mindfully infusing a touch of Australian character and uniqueness into your living spaces. Whether it’s a handcrafted timber side table, or a meticulously woven throw rug, you can trust that not only is is made to stand the test of time, it’s sure to add a personal touch to your spaces as well, helping make your home truly your own.

We think that William Morris summed it up best when he said “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  The Australian homewares designers below manage do deliver the goods on both those fronts!

Wajacreations Cacti
Wajacreations are two lads with an undeniable passion for interior design and a love for nature. Each one of a kind handmade concrete and recycled timber piece features stunning succulents, cacti and indoor plants. Waja represents love for the industrial feel and raw look with the use of different textures, shapes and colours.
Made from Good Deeds Phone Stand
Made From Good Deeds (MFGD) has been making display products and spreading good vibes since 2014. Their aesthetic is simple and minimalist, adopting the ‘less is more’ design principle.
All MFGD products are proudly designed and made in Sydney, Australia, with a portion of proceeds donated towards planting local tree species in Australia.
SmartAlex Textiles Hand Screen Printed Linen Napkins
SmartAlex Textiles is all about preserving the authentic, traditional methods of print making. Alexandra, the name behind SmartAlex Textiles, hand screen-prints her own designs onto linen textile that she makes into a unique range of homewares.
Time in Timber Clock
Time in Timber create handcrafted contemporary styled timber clocks crafted from carefully selected specialty timbers sourced from sustainable certified managed forests. The finished timber is treated with a unique wax oil combination and fitted with quartz movements manufactured in the USA.
Where the Green Things Are Kokodama
Where The Green Things Are signature product is the neatly wrapped kokedamas, where plants are showcased in these uniquely handwoven mossballs. Each twine is spaced symmetrically, giving the best aesthetic look to the kokedamas.
Broadcroft Design Round Wall Shelf
Broadcroft Design is a creative metalwork business that focuses on bespoke sculptural garden features, which are all designed and handmade by the dynamic duo Duncan and Natalia. They take much of their inspiration from nature to produce unique, individual pieces.
Old Vine Candles Sauvignon Blanc Candle
Old Vine Candles take old wine bottles, hand cut and carefully sand their edges and transform them into a beautiful fragranced candle for your home. Each soy wax candle is handmade using the highest quality ingredients available. They are unique, and unlike any other candle you have had.
Julian Suitor Blacksmith
Julian Suitor – Blacksmith is a local Australian Blacksmith who crafts hand forged pieces using a bit of the new, but largely traditional and old world techniques. He is really into kitchen knives and axes, but you will find many things in his shop, all made to be used and cherished for generations to come. You can find him at Handmade hangin’ with his anvil – the workhorse on which it’s all made!
Belinda Doyle cheese board what to pack for a picnic
Belinda Doyle is an Australian designer who creates stellar photography, resin art, and homewares inspired by her love of the ocean. Proudly born and raised on the NSW South Coast, Belinda has a strong affinity with the ocean, the coast and the natural beauty that country living offers. This connection is evident when you see her range of photographic artworks and resin art pieces.

This is the tippy top of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible range of handmade homewares and decorator items available at our markets.  We invite you check out the Home & Living products in our Australian Made directory and see the full listing of members we have.