Australian handmade re-usable cloth facemasks

Here’s the roundup of re-usable, cloth facemasks from our traders.

We’ve heard you asking where you can buy reusable cloth facemasks, so we put the word out to our Handmade designers and producers and they came back with the goods! Here’s the roundup on who’s making masks, plus all the info you need to know on styles, fit, shipping times, price, and more. All masks on this list are handmade in Australia by small business owners, so you can stay safe AND support small at the same time!

*Please note that all masks are cloth masks ONLY and not medical grade masks. Please refer to each designer’s site for complete specifications.
**This post was published in August of 2020. Please check each individual seller’s website for the most up to date information on pricing and wait times.



Canberra based business Bellelis are producing two-layer, 100% cotton masks with a pocket for an additional third layer / filter. They come in three different sizes and include a nose wire to help shape the mask to your face.
Price: $17.95 – $22.95
Wait Times: Made to order. Current dispatch times are 10-14 business days.
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Bursaria Workshop

Based in Braidwood, NSW, Bursaria Workshop is producing three later cotton masks with adjustable elastic straps. They include a pocket for filters and come in two sizes. 
Price: $20 each, or three for $49. Free postage.
*Note: Orders are currently closed (as of 4/8/20) but will open later this week or early next. Follow along on Facebook to get notified when stock returns.
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Dressed for Sunday

Dressed for Sunday are producing four-layer masks in three sizes. They also include a nose wire for shaping the mask to your face.
Price: $20 each, free shipping.
Wait Times: Made to order. Turnaround time is approx 1 week from order date. 
*Note: Orders opening 5/8/20.
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Goomo are producing a range of ultra soft, triple layer masks made from superfine, Australian Merino. They don’t contain nose wire as the high nose design shapes the mask well and works great for those with glasses. Open ended straps can be tied around the head or the ears for flexibility and comfort.
Price: $30 each.
Wait Times: Ready to ship, posting daily. 
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Juwel are producing four-layer masks, with two layers of 100% cotton and two of non-woven interlining. Elastic runs around the back of the head and the neck for a comfortable fit. Available in adult and child sizes.
Price: $15 each.
Wait Times: Made to order. Turnaround time is 3-4 days from order date. 
*Note: Orders are currently closed (as of 4/8/20) but will open later this week. Follow along on Instagram to get notified when stock returns.
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Kitty Came Home

Kitty Came Home has a range of four-layer masks with pocket space for additional filter laters. Their masks include a (removable) bendable metal nose strip to adjust fit. All masks are supplied with a zip-lock bag to help separate used masks from other items. 
Price: $29 each.
Wait Times: Masks go on sale each Sunday at 5pm ACST but be warned – they sell out fast! Customers can direct message to place an order directly, fulfillment on these orders are approx. 7 days.
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Kurly Wurly Bar

Kurly Wurly Bar are producing masks in their popular Galah and ChikoMan fabrics. Both designs are made with three laters of 100% strong, premium performance jersey material (the inside layers are cotton, and the outer layer is polyester). 
Price: $14.95
Wait Times: Currently taking pre-orders, orders are expected to ship around 7/8/20.
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Le Petit Bouton

Made in Regional Victoria, all Le Petit Bouton are made from three layers of cotton and / or linen with adjustable elastic straps for comfort. 
Price: $26.95
Wait Times: Website re-stocks weekly, ready to ship upon re-stock. 
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Myz the Label

Masks from Myz the Label come in a wide range of colours and patterns, and are made with three layers of 100% cotton. Ear straps are made from quality, comfortable elastic. 
Price: $28 each.
Wait Times: Re-stock will occur on Friday 7/8/20 at 8pm. Turnaround time is approx 1 week from order date.
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Sparkle*Liscious triple layer masks come in sizes for men and women, and are made from cotton with elastic straps. Available in a range of fabric designs.
Price: $12 each.
Wait Times: Ready to ship.
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Tsom masks are made in accordance with DHHS guidelines, with a water-resistant outer layer, cotton / polyester blend middle layer and 100% cotton inner layer. They come in a range of fabrics and are shaped to fit the face (no nose wire). 
Price: $12 each, $5 postage.
Wait Times: Made to order, Turnaround time is 2-3 business days from order date. 
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Wattle Cove

Wattle Cove produces a range of masks in different fabrics and layer options in men’s and women’s styles. They are shaped to fit the face, and feature elastic ear loops.
Price: $24.90 each.
Wait Times: Currently out of stock, but follow on Instagram for re-stock announcements.
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Wombat and Poss

Wombat and Poss are producing masks in a range of fabrics and sizes for adults and children. Their masks are made of two layers of natural fibre fabrics, with a soft bamboo / organic cotton fleece fabric as the inner most layer for comfort. No nose wires, and elastic straps are designed to go around the head, though they can be cut to tie around the ears. 
Price: $20 each.
Wait Times: Ready to ship.
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That’s the roundup for now – hope you found something you like! Thank you for supporting small, Australian handmade businesses during this difficult time. 
Stay safe out there everyone ❤️