Feast your eyes


Our festival of food will take place in the Handmade Gourmet Food Hall on 29 & 30 June. All indoors, and set in the Coorong Pavilion at EPIC, this is a foodie’s paradise. Handmade produce from around Australia will be celebrated. From truffle products to olive oils, jams & honey to garlic, your pantry will love what’s on offer.

But once you have filled your shopping basket with delights to take home, why not hang around for a while? Not only are there two more halls of Australian designs, but our street food is something else. We have food vans and market stalls offering the best of international cuisine. Prepared and cooked by experts in taste, we know you’ll struggle to decide between them. Here’s our rundown of what’s on offer in June.


Let’s start with the little things that are easy to eat, delicious to taste and available all day for when you’re running low on energy.

Kurbside Kitchen will be back at Handmade with the ever-popular potato on a stick. With a range of salts and sauces, this freshly made snack will keep you satisfied while you’re on the move. For a little bit of Chinese street food, you need to look out for Little Wu Jianbing. Jian Bing is a traditional Chinese savoury crepe with a variety of fillings and a home made sauce. Watch yours being made on the spot for a guaranteed fresh taste.

Momos Taste of Tibet has traditional Tibetan momo or dumplings, which are also made fresh on site. Choose from a range of fillings or mix them up. Super Bao hand makes its Chinese steamed buns and fills them with authentic local recipes from different regions. Sold in sets of three, these are not only tasty, but the perfect size to snack on. New to Handmade, Umami will be bringing a taste of Japan to the market. Freshly made sushi, sushi tacos, sushi donuts and Ramen will all be on the menu for a healthy snack on the go.

Too much choice! Clockwise from top left: Mr Papa’s Peruvian Street Food, Super Bao, Pop Up Poffertjes, Korbq, Umami, Yummy Thai Catering, Cuban Cantina, Momos Taste of Tibet.


If you want to take time out to enjoy a break between shopping sessions, try one of the plated meals on the menu. Sit down to enjoy a plate of food inspired by many world cuisines.

Yummy Thai Catering’s mission is to bring you the taste of Thailand. Inspiration comes from the streets and markets of Thailand, using only the best quality ingredients sourced locally. Thai curry is on the menu at Curry Favour, who not only serve hot curry, but also sell the sauces to take home and make your own! The Pham Sisters hail from Melbourne and will be serving 100% vegan Vietnamese street food with a modern twist.

Newcomers Korbq will be bringing the taste of Korea to the market. Locally loved, their Korean fried chicken needs to be tasted, so head along and try for yourself. And for a smokey flavour, try Smokey G’s BBQ Joint, where they cook the meat low and slow over wood, old school. Want to keep it simple? Head to Scotts Food Vans for a traditional jacket potato, cooked to perfection and served with your choice of topping.

Head to South America for nachos and salads at Cuban Cantina or Peruvian street food from Mr Papa. With a variety of meat and vegetable options and traditional spices and methods, lunch from the Americas is sure to leave you satisfied.


If you haven’t had your fill from all of the delicious sweet food stalls in the Gourmet Food Hall, you might just want a sweet treat from our street food area. Newcomers, Crêpe De France, will be serving up traditional French crêpes with a variety of mouthwatering fillings and toppings. Deep fried deliciousness in the form of doughnuts from Krofne are also filled with a range of flavours for all sweet teeth. And don’t forget Dutch delicacies from Pop up Poffertjes, a local business with sweet treats cooked fresh to order and topped with homemade sauces fruits, cream or ice cream.

If you’re not quite full, make the rounds again. More likely though is the inability to fit all this street food goodness in. But don’t worry, you can always come back on Sunday and finish off the menu! See you then – 29 & 30 June, 10am – 4pm.