Do I need public Liability Insurance?

  • For live markets, you must be covered by a policy, and we will require evidence that it is current. You will need min $10Million public Liability Insurance in your business’s name.

Do I need an ABN?

  • No you don’t need to have a registered ABN to trade at the Handmade Market.

About applying for Handmade

How do I apply?

  • First read our terms and conditions to see if you are eligible, if so fill out the registration form to become an approved stallholder. Here we ask you about your business, your target audience and your products, asking you to include great product shots. Once you have submitted this form, you will hear back from us within 5-10 business days to tell you whether you have been approved.
  • Once approved, you do not need to register again. When applications open we will email all traders on the approved stallholder list.
  • Registrations are open all year round.

When do I know if I get into a market?

  • We send an application email in the week that follows the last event we host. You are given a week to respond and we take a week to curate and make offers.

If I don’t get a place will I still hear from you?

  • Yes you sure will, that’s how we roll. Everyone who says they want to attend the event receives a response. Make sure you add Handmade to your address book, so emails don’t go astray.  Please check your spam folder first, then email us if you did not hear back from us.

When do I have to pay for my space?

  • You will be directed to the payment gateway from your acceptance email. Payment has to be made within 7 days after acceptance. If you cannot afford to pay your invoice, please reconsider if you are ready to attend a market.

What if I need to cancel after I have paid?

About Australian Made

Who can register to attend Handmade?

  • Anyone with their own Australian made, handmade products. If you design your products but you have them made for you, you MUST let us know in your application. We Do NOT accept Fair trade items for sale. If this is how your business is structured we cannot offer you a spot at Handmade. This decision is final. Your product must be made in Australia.

If I have components in my finished product from overseas is that acceptable?

  • Yes it is. We understand that if you are a jewellery designer, for example, then you are probably outsourcing components from overseas. You must be designing the pieces and constructing the finished item in Australia. For example, using a gorgeous Russian linen for screen printing your design yourself is acceptable. If your item, for ACCC standards then shows a tag or product description saying “made in Russia” because the linen etc is from Russia, that is OK.

Do I have to make my own products?

  • We would prefer this. However, we understand that it’s not always possible to make all of your own products. If you are asking others to make things for you, the idea/recipe/concept MUST be yours and you need to coordinate the making of the product. Please note that asking another individual or small business to help you make your products is in the spirit of Handmade. However, large scale manufacturing by larger businesses is not. We reserve the right to accept or reject products.

Now you are an Australian Made Retail Supporter, do my products need to have the Australian Made Trademark / Certification to trade with The Handmade Market? 

  • No, your products just need to be made in Australia to apply.  If your products are trademarked or certified that is great. Some stallholder products will be AMC approved but that is up to each individual business.

There are a number of things that we consider when selecting retailers, these include but aren’t limited to:

  • Handmade in Australia
  • The quality, range and style of products
  • Merchandising and presentation of products, on the stall and through photography
  • Uniqueness of the product
  • Appropriate, suitable and viable for selling at the markets
  • Other places the product is available for sale
  • Right fit for the Handmade customer demographic
  • Online and social media activity

The amount of information you provide us with plays a big part in helping us to assess individual businesses when deciding who to take for each market. Acceptance into Handmade is highly competitive with many more approved applicants than positions available at each market. The better your stall, photographs and profile, the better your chances of attending the market.

Before applying you MUST also read our Terms & Conditions page, which contains our fine print and essential reading. Don’t try to fill out the registration form without reading it – that would just be plain silly!

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