Dreaming of a Handmade Christmas


Yes, Christmas is coming! The Handmade team is divided on how soon is too soon to start preparing for December 25th. Mentioning no names, there are some who would have their tree up all year if it was practical. And there might be one or two less festive spirits among us. Either way, the Handmade Market is happening on 6, 7 and 8 December and we’re getting ready! Are you?

The market will be over three twinkly days. Come to EPIC after work or school on Friday 6th December, where our twilight event will begin at 5pm and run until 9pm. That gives you plenty of time to tick off all of the items on your list, while also indulging in drinks from the bar and a street food style dinner. But if you’re really dedicated to the shopping experience, come back and shop in earnest on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th, when we will be open from 10am until 4pm.

You will have seen our Christmas images already up on the Handmade website. After last year’s green and gold Australian theme, we thought we would err on the side of tradition again. So while native Australian botanicals are in evidence, we have opted for the tried and tested red and green for 2019. Our very talented team created a vision board for Handmade’s graphics and photographed the wreath and associated images. We then supplemented with a few extras kindly lent by our wonderful stable of designers and producers. And the website and social media are now full of festive cheer.

Keep reading, as we will be announcing our trader line up very soon and talking more about how Australia’s creative community celebrates this season. Now, where did we put that box of decorations…?