Missy Minzy

Indigenous Country: Ngunnawal
Bruce ACT

Next Handmade Event: 29-30 June Market

Meet Irene Tan, the Canberra-based artist behind Missy Minzy. With over three decades of expertise in graphic design, illustration, and packaging, Irene’s artistic journey began in 2010. Motivated by a desire for a whimsical sanctuary for her family, Irene makes art that captivates, meant not just for appreciation but to be worn and carried with delight. Her creations are quirky, whimsical, bold, and colorful, drawing inspiration from Australiana, surface designs & vibrant hues. Irene finds fulfillment as her art spreads joy worldwide, embraced by smiling faces. Her ultimate reward is seeing her creations bring happiness to diverse corners of the globe.

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