Miss Lizzy

Indigenous Country: Awabakal
Tighes Hill NSW

Next Handmade Event: 29-30 June Market

Miss Lizzy is an Australian design studio, based in Newcastle. All of their creations are conceptualised, designed and created by hand.

Miss Lizzy is just one person, Australian-American designer and illustrator, Lizzy Howe. Lizzy has a degree in Design for Theatre and Television, and has worked professionally as a costume designer, set designer, event planner, florist, graphic designer, visual merchandiser and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Miss Lizzy creations are designed as capsule collections, season-to-season. Miss Lizzy designs are inspired by a lifetime of obsessive nerdiness: early botany, medieval manuscripts, folk art, fairy tales, interior design, magnified images of fungus – anything and everything is fair game when it comes to inspiration.

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