Dogswood Botanical Alchemy


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Dogswood botanical

Having made their debut at the March Market, Dogswood Botanical Alchemy will be returning to the May Market on 5 & 6 May, exclusive to Handmade. Jarrod and Gordon make beautiful organically shaped containers from concrete and populate them with stunning and on-trend succulents and plants to create perfect indoor plant features. They are inspired by the beauty of botany and nature at large – its forms, tones and textures – and “motivated (OK, a little bit obsessed) for collecting and growing some of our (many) favourite plants.”

Whether it’s the simple circular shapes of their core range or using recycled moulds such as milk and soft drink bottles, they have created a family of light-weight stone-like “plant homes”, striving to make each pot its own unique piece. Not only do they create beautiful organic shapes to house their plants, but they operate a farm and nursery in the Upper Hunter to grow them. With a sustainable ethic and organic methods, the farm is the breeding ground for their succulents and other complementary native plants. This allows the pair to both sell and hire their arrangements, from small single pots, to spectacular table displays for events.

“We’re always designing, developing and expanding our range. We are also embarking on bringing our passion for succulents & other botanics into the floristry event hire & sales sphere.” Exciting times for the boys and exciting for Handmade’s customers – the Dogswood stall at the last market was a very busy place. Jarrod and Gordon enjoyed their time in Canberra and appreciated the fact that Handmade is an exciting all-weather showcase of makers, from near and far. “It’s a really well organised event – highlighted with the individual profiles on the website, encouraging visitors to research beforehand, see who’s new, what they do and where they’ll be situated all before you arrive!”

When asked what their favourite thing about Canberra is, they were quick to respond. “As Outdoor Adventure folks we love the near 3,000km of bike lanes that connect the Capital, but as Plant Nerds we can’t go past the National Arboretum – it’s constantly growing and changing, such a treasure.”

And with the next market ideally timed the week before Mothers’ Day, we asked whether they have anything special planned. Unfortunately, with their mums interstate, they won’t get to see them, but they’re thoughtful sons. “As great supporters & lovers of what we do, we’re always making and growing them something special for when we do get to see them.”
We can’t wait to see Dogswood Botanical Alchemy and the beautiful stall display at the Handmade Market in May.