Conscious Living


We’ve been talking a lot about conscious living recently. As a supporter of Australian small business, we’re in a unique position. From here, we can watch how hundreds of traders are designing, making and producing their wares. And from here, the future looks bright.

Conscious living could mean that a food producer has an organic certification, so what you’re buying is free from additives such as pesticides. It could mean that a product is gluten free or vegan. It could also be that only natural ingredients have been included in the product. Some of our stallholders only source their ingredients and components from sustainable origins. And others have built their businesses around using recycled materials. Most know exactly how their components have come to life, from the concept to the materials and production. And we’re proud to support them all.


In doing so, we’re making moves towards a more sustainable market. We’re talking to our traders about a plastic free environment and making suggestions about packaging that’s easier on the planet. We’ve made sure that there are plenty of recycling bins at the event. Don’t forget that in the ACT, coffee cups can be recycled. Just remove the lid before throwing it in the recycling bin. You could bring your own keep cup, or better still, support one of the small businesses who have beautiful keep cups for sale.

We have water stations in two locations at the market. In an effort to reduce single use plastics we’d love you to fill your own bottles from these points instead of buying water. And don’t forget to bring your own shopping bags, or buy the Handmade reusable one. We recently carried out a survey among our traders about ways we can be more sustainable, and we’ll be putting some of their ideas into practice over the coming months.

We also have a Conscious Living category in the directory now. Have a look at the traders coming to the market next week and read about their sustainable practices. Here are some to look out for.

Clockwise from Top Left: Jonima Flowers, Tonemade, Common Wood (centre), Rbcca Kstr, Dosha Food Co, Base Soaps, Colour Coded.


Base Soaps is an ethical soap making business in Bungendore. An ethical focus is fundamental to its existence. By associating the purchase of every-day hygiene products to the provision of health and hygiene programs for Australian communities, they aim to encourage people to buy ethically and locally. Base products are made from simple, high quality ingredients. They’re vegan, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and free from palm oil, sulphates and parabens.


Colour Coded is an ethically conscious clothing label from Melbourne run by twins, Sal and Bec. The intention is to create clothing that has minimal environmental impact but is also bright, fun and flattering for all body shapes. They are passionate about sharing exactly where their pieces come from. The fabrics are printed digitally and locally to save on ink and miles. And each piece is hand cut and finished in Melbourne from natural fabrics.


Common Wood aims to never take part in the cutting down of a tree. Every piece is created entirely from reclaimed timber. A range of reclaimed Australian hardwoods is the source of the chopping boards, including locally sourced recycled skateboards. And they are also beautiful pieces for your kitchen.


This range of ghee based flavours is made from grass fed certified Organic Australian butter and premium organic ingredients. The flavour combinations will enhance your meals and nourish your body. In fact, the list of health benefits of ghee is extensive! So it’s an ancient food that provides balance, health and wellness. Worth a try we think.


Jonima Flowers is a sustainable family run business located in the Southern Highlands. And they couldn’t be more sustainable because  they grow the flowers right there on the farm and sell them fresh at the market. Make sure you pay them a visit next week and take away some beautiful blooms.


Guilt free minimalist jewellery that’s made from 100% recycled metals makes a minimal impact on the environment. And each piece is deliciously wearable.


Tonemade loves your guts and wants to share the amazing health benefits of bone broth with you. Not only does bone broth promote gut health, but it also boosts immunity and nourishes your joints. Made the long way, the broths come from ethically raised, certified organic, 100% grass-fed beef, chicken and certified organic vegetables.


Our cover image for this market sums up perfectly why we love our sustainable fashion designers. The team behind this fashion business was happy to lend us their image, taken by Warren Rivas. Made ethically in NSW, there is no mass production here. A very small team makes everything by hand from sustainable materials with low waste. And it’s very, very wearable.

So, head to Handmade next weekend – 7 & 8 September, 10am-4pm. Bring your own cups, bottles and bags and shop ’til you drop. The conscious way.