Chocolate Heaven


It’s supposed to be nearly Spring, but with the current cold snap forcing everyone to hibernate under blankets and wear multiple layers, the odd treat probably isn’t going to wildly affect our bikini/budgie bodies, is it?

So, let’s turn our minds to the deliciousness of chocolate. We have some amazing producers coming to the Handmade Market on 7 & 8 September (10am – 4pm). In the spirit of fairness, and because we really can’t choose a favourite, we’ll approach this one alphabetically.

Clockwise from top left: Sweet Pea & Poppy, Jasper + Myrtle, Coco & Bean, Raw Integrity, Nomad, Curiosity.

Curiosity Chocolates

Hailing from Jindabyne, this chocolate maker takes all natural ingredients and fair trade, fine couverture chocolate and makes bars and individual chocolates that taste as good as they look.

Jasper + Myrtle

These established local chocolate makers are no strangers to Handmade. They will be bringing their classic bars, chocolate covered nuts and their delicious and appropriate hot chocolate. The award winning and beautifully packaged dark chocolate is pure, with only natural ingredients added. They source beans from PNG and work with farmers in Bougainville to get the finest raw ingredients. It’s going to be hard to choose between flavours such as sea salt & wakame, black & white sesame or orange, cinnamon & cayenne.

Junee Licorice and Chocolate

Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory has produced a range of innovative, certified organic confectionaries since 1962. They coat their delicacies in Belgian couverture chocolate, which is luxuriously smooth and full flavoured.


We welcome Nomad to Handmade for the first time. They source their beans personally from Ecuador, Dominican Republic and West Africa, and they too work direct with farmers. Nomad’s pretty packaging holds more innovative flavours of both chocolate and hot chocolate. Now you’re probably getting the picture that handmade might be the place to be in September!


Raw Integrity Chocolates make quality chocolates which are both delicious and healthy. Combining chocolate, health and education, Kristina is passionate about the antioxidants, nutrients and minerals in chocolate. See, we knew chocolate was good for you! These bars are 100% pure, organic, raw and vegan.


Sweet Pea & Poppy handmake their chocolate here in Canberra, using carefully selected ingredients. They source from France and Ecuador, having found producers who are thoughtful, with innovative production methods. Then they add their delicious flavours that not only add taste, but also look beautiful.


While it isn’t chocolate in its purest form, we can’t see anything wrong with including the bakers and sweet makers who use chocolate in their cooking. Coco & Bean’s chocolate lover’s box is a combination of home baked chocolate brownies and cookies that you can buy for yourself or gift to a friend. We also love the huge range of chocolate fudge that is lovingly prepared by the team at Fudgemental. And don’t forget the delicate chocolate fudge from Edible Favours. Sweet Treats Connection has chocolate brownies and melting moments that we can vouch for and Two Little Tarts add chocolate shards to their honeycomb. And if you haven’t tried the chocolate nougat from Nougat Royale, you should probably add that to your list as well!