Roni and Poly

We chat to Roni from Roni and Poly.

In between making lunches and changing nappies, Sydney mum of two Roni Mitchell of Roni and Poly channels her energy into making polymer clay jewellery. Her vibrant and fresh earrings and necklaces are inspired by nature, the humdrum of daily life, retro designs, and her Spanish and South American heritage.

Her jewellery making is also heavily driven by her desire to help others feel comfortable and confident. Roni says: “My jewellery is all about helping my customers feel good about themselves – Lord knows that life is stressful and we hate on ourselves way too much!”


Roni And Poly is a one-woman show – if you haven’t caught on yet, ‘Poly’ stands for the polymer clay she uses in her pieces! Roni drives every step of the design and production process.

For Roni, jewellery making helps her to explore and understand her identity outside of being a mother. Working on her pieces allows her to unleash creativity that, at times, has felt desperate to crawl outside her mind. She takes great pleasure in the opportunity to create. After spending long days chasing after her two girls, by night, she transforms into – as she puts it – a clay-making, goddess warrior!




Roni is passionate about creating in a way that is ethical and sustainable in the long term. As polymer clay contains plastics, she strives to use it responsibly, creating long-lasting pieces that will serve her fashion-savvy customers for years to come. She only purchases clay in small amounts, and is careful to use every last bit – all the funky scraps and offcuts are used to mix fun new colours!

She’s also committed to supporting other small, Australian businesses, choosing whenever possible to source her clay, moulds, and jewellery making supplies from other Aussie stockists. She hopes that her customers share the same passion:

“I make jewellery for those who care about handmade, ethically sourced, and environmentally conscious fashion. People who are passionate about supporting Aussie makers. Who are not afraid to stand out and speak their mind.”



If you’re interested in making a Roni and Poly piece yours, be sure to check out their range at the Virtual Market on July 11th! Roni is excited to offer 20% off storewide to Handmade customers with the code HANDMADEVIRTUAL.

“I am delighted to show off my stuff, so you too can join in on the happy-clappy, jewellery wearing extravaganza! Your little lobes will thank you for decorating them in such colourful and fun earrings!”