Breaking Stereotypes with Kim Storey

Telling the stories of real Aussie farmers through photography.

If we were to ask you to describe what a farmer looks like, what would you say? When you google it, you’ll find a lot of men – often older men – with hats, pitchforks and overalls. Kim Storey is a farmer, and she certainly doesn’t look like that! After a conversation on Twitter with other women about the assumptions people have about the industry, she set out to show people the side of farming and farmers that she knows.

Kim is also a photographer and had always wanted to put together a beautiful coffee table book. What began as a conversation online turned into not one, but two stunning books.



Kim Storey












From veggie growers to wool producers, cattle graziers to oyster farmers there are so many different people and industries that can fall under the banner of “farmer”. Her first book, What Does a Farmer Look Like? combines Kim’s gorgeous photographs with stories of farming families from all across the country. 

Her latest book, Little Farmers, was inspired by the positive reaction to her Farm Kids chapter of What Does a Farmer Look Like? People responded to the stories of farm kids from around Australia with such joy and positivity. Kim decided that our next generation of farmers and their stories deserved a book all of their own.

Kim photographed and wrote both books, and Australian graphic designer Karly Morris contributed to the design. 



Kim is an accredited professional photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. She has a passion for creating artworks from the landscape around her through photography. Alongside her books, she also has a range of fine art prints and stationery that feature her stunning photos of rural settings.

She works from home on her small farm near Eugowra in NSW. Her sheep grazing the paddocks, ever-increasing vegetable patch, and two working kelpies, inspire her to create.



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You can see all of her work on her website, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram.


Kim Storey