Brandmade: Your logo


When shoppers come to Handmade, they’re entranced by artisan products, beautiful displays and the friendliness of the people. But have you thought about the reasons that they choose a particular stall? One of them is brand recognition. A brand is not just one thing. It’s the way you present yourself to your target audience through logo, colours, look and feel, packaging and presentation. In essence, a brand is how you, your business and your products are perceived.

Without even realising it, shoppers are exposed to your brand in many ways. It may be through your logo, it may be chat and images on social media and it may be the overall visual identity of your stall, but if your brand is evident, you can rest assured that your customers will better understand you and, more importantly, gravitate towards you at the market.

The foundation of your brand is your logo. It’s the visual mark that forms a base of recognition, usually through your packaging, signage and online presence, so it needs to represent you. A slick, chrome and shiny logo will not suit an artisan baker any more than a rustic hand drawn one will suit an electrician. Out of the thousands of fonts, colours and shapes out there, you can rest assured there will be one combination that fits perfectly with what you’re trying to convey. Yes, you can buy an off the shelf version from and online store, and probably as a creative, you can sketch one for yourself. However, in the same way that you wouldn’t really want to rewire your own house, it might pay to employ the services of a good graphic designer, who can interpret you and match you to the perfect identity in an original way. Graphic designers have many methods, but speaking as one who has developed a number of identities, there is a tried and tested process that will help.

Firstly, sum up your brand in no more than 3-4 words. Are you rustic, Australian and organic? Perhaps you are stylish, classical and elegant? Or even quirky, youthful and funny. Your words need to sum up your personality, your product and, most importantly, your buyer. Whether it’s a middle aged man, a young mum or an energetic teen, your target audience needs to be in your mind while you go through the branding process.

Once you have your words, go online and find images that match your words. Put a Pinterest board together or tear up magazines, looking for shapes, images, type and colours that appeal. Then try and quantify what it is about these images that you like. Now you have a sound basis for a brief and can articulate more clearly your ideas and requirements. Designers all have a different way of working. Some start by sketching ideas, others spend time researching before they put pen to paper, and others are meticulous about getting to know their client before they even start. Whatever their method, the better your brief, the better the end result.

Some of the most recognisable brands in the world came into being by accident. The Nike swoosh was an off the shelf shape bought for only a few dollars and now represents a multi million dollar global organisation. However, a carefully thought through logo will guarantee you impact, recognition and relevance. Have a look at some of the stylish logos (above) seen around the internet for inspiration and start planning one that sums you up perfectly. Good luck! Here’s hoping you get the brand you’ve always wanted.