Brandmade: Best in Show


We love our market. We love curating it, planning it, chatting about it and preparing for it. But most especially, we love being there. Like our thousands of customers, we enjoy the atmosphere, the scents, sights and sounds that make Handmade spacial and unique. Strolling around the stalls, chatting to the designers and producers who have worked so hard to get there and finding out what makes them tick is also right there at the top of the list. When we did our walk around at the July market to look at how our stallholders displayed their wares, we were quite emotional about how beautiful some of the stalls were.

We awarded one stall “best in show”, but were delighted by so many of the displays. We were looking for designers and producers who not only had fantastic products, but had thought through every aspect of their attendance at Handmade. Many have beautiful logos that were on display in original ways. Many had spent weeks and months researching and implementing their packaging to present their product perfectly. Many had marketed themselves and us through their websites, online news, social media posts and giveaways, and still more had taken the time to plan their stalls, build bespoke displays that would perfectly suit the product and make things easy for the shoppers.

It was such a pleasure to award best in show to Michelle Groth Fine Art & Illustration. Even as a newcomer to Handmade from Newcastle, Michelle had thought of everything. Her website is a delight to visit, her social media feeds are informative and beautiful, her branding is appropriate and her stall was perfect for what she was selling. She and her partner had made a flexible backdrop that could accommodate any size of artwork for maximum impact and had then planned a tabletop arrangement that applied all of the rules of multi-level display, making cards, prints and other wares accessible. Michelle had thought through her colour scheme, with an antique cream and a stained ply in a rich brown to make her stand out, complemented by various vases of native flowers and greenery. Her signage was evident, her prices were clear, and she was smiling from ear to ear (especially when we told her she’d won!).