Brand:Made – Best in Show


We have talked about stall design before in our Brand:Made articles. Head to the blog to read some useful hints and tips on lots of aspects of running a small business. The link is HERE. At the recent September Market, we awarded our Best in Show prize to some newcomers who pulled out all the stops for their beautiful stall. Oditi Designs creates colourful statement ceramic homewares and jewellery using 100% Australian premium white porcelain. Cecilia, Samantha and Cynthia are a multi-skilled family team who create from a home studio in Sydney.

Traders need to meet a lot of criteria to win this award. From beautiful products to imaginative stall design, the set up needs to be thought through and practical. It also needs to be easy to sell from and of course, accompanied by big smiles! Those who win tend to have considered everything from branding and signage to their online presence. And this stall had it all. Have a look.


Oditi’s products include ceramic homewares in geometric shapes and bold designs with the aesthetic of an artwork. There is also jewellery that makes a wonderful gift and adds drama to your look. The girls had different displays for each product type, all within an overall design of sketched furniture. This level of detail and practicality was immediately obvious to us when we visited the stall.

The combination of tabletop displays and themed shelving allowed for a variety of display surfaces of different heights. And the vertical jewellery displays complemented them beautifully. They had thought of everything. From strategically placed mirrors to floral displays and a unified blue accent colour, the stall really felt like a shop. Details such as the ‘touch me’ signs and multiple logo locations made a big difference. Cynthia and Cecilia had even made their own matching uniforms!


Multiple heights for product display have the effect of making a market stall look like a pop up shop. Whether you choose shelving, table tops or backdrops, a combination of display types means more of your product can be seen before a customer even enters the stall. Even within a shelf display, raising the products at the back will fill the space, allowing everything to look its best.

An overarching design style in keeping with your brand will make you memorable. Oditi chose black, white and blue throughout so that the product could do the talking. They also chose an illustrated black on white design to reflect the logo and mimic furniture.


Over the last couple of years, the standard of stall displays at Handmade has gone up dramatically. Shoppers at the September market commented a lot on the beautiful displays and we can see that everyone involved is really thinking about how to show off their designs and produce. The best inspiration is walking the halls and seeing what others, like Oditi, are doing. The range of backdrops, table coverings, shelves, racks and innovative displays is great to see. So if you have a stall revamp in mind, or you’re just starting out, why not go shopping?