Banksia Gifts

Crafting gorgeous handmade gifts with the Banksia Grandis.

Banksia Gifts is an Australian family-owned and operated business and has been in operation since 1985. Founder and Craftsman, Tony Hansen first started experimenting with Australian Native Timber at the early age of 15. His passion for Australian Made products grew when he discovered the Banksia Grandis and all of the ways he could create with it. They now produce a variety of handmade giftware from the Banksia Grandis seed pod. The range includes coasters, candle holders, and their signature product – the Aroma Pod.













While working with the Banksia Grandis, Tony and his wife Liz discovered that the seed pods were particularly porous. The pod is not as dense as timber and therefore can soak up and retain quality essential oils. Once the pod absorbs the oil, it releases the scent slowly through the natural holes left by seeds. The Aroma Pod is a great natural alternative to diffusing essential oils in the home. No electricity, plastics or flames required.

Each Aroma Pod is unique. The pattern of rough edges and holes that once held seeds form naturally as the pod grows. They make the perfect Australian themed gift, and you’ll never find two of the same!



The Department of Parks and Wildlife in Western Australia highly regulate the collection of the Banksia Grandis. Seed pods are only collected once they have expelled their seeds and completed their lifecycle. Collectors carefully handpick each pod without machinery to ensure no damage to the tree. They work on foot and are careful not to disturb any surrounding plants or other wildlife during the process. 

Banksia Gifts are committed to leaving the landscape undisturbed, and ensuring that Banksia trees continue to thrive in the Australian bush. 



Banksia has generously offered a 15% discount for Handmade customers! Enter the code CANBERRA15 at checkout to take advantage. 

You can see their full range over on the Banksia Gifts website, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram.